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I am only in 9th grade, but next year i want to join debate team. I am decently good at convincing, and pulling out smart words. But I really don't have that many of them, so somtimes i misuse them on accident. I want to perplex my compition by using a lot of smart words. Lawl. I just wanted make my vocabulary a lot bigger (a lot bigger could be fixed easily) so that i have an increased chance. does anyone have a site for this, or a list of words? i play to learn one new word each day. Keep in mind i want common but uncommon words. I don't want highmentalliscaptoliosis. I want words like perplex, relevant. Words that most adults know, but 9th to 10th only the smart kids know. Best would be college level words. Keep in mind, i don't want huge scientific words ill never use, just decently smart ones that could be used a lot ina common day. Thanks:)

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    I was on the debate team for three years and won first place in the city tournament two years in a row. A big vocabulary is fine, but it is very likely to bite you in the butt. The judges vocabulary is usually more limited, having not be exposed to a lot of debate. Expand your vocabulary, but remember, if you confuse your opponents, you are probably confusing the judge. Keep it simple and clear.

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    To build you vocabulary read and always have a dictionary with you to look up any words you don't know. Do word puzzles like anagrams, crossword puzzles, just search for word games. Actually these first two things helped me a lot after a brain injury where I had cognitive (minds reasoning ability) problems. These I still do because there is always more to learn.

    It is better to impress simply, it also gets your point across better. You don't want to cause a conundrum (a problem or puzzle) and ambiguity (uncertainty) with your debate references because that could come across as if you are trying to one up the others and reflect poorly upon you. The main point is to enjoy both the learning and the doing, remember to be gracious and never pompous(exhibiting self importance) and always have fun. Best of luck with your endeavors (efforts) in learning and debating.

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    difficult factor. do a search with bing and yahoo. that will can help!

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    Look up this site it will help you. Good luck.

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