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I read Obama transferred to Columbia University, can that still be done today?

Like can you still transfer from a smaller name university to a bigger name university (not Columbia but lets say Georgetown or UNC Chapel Hill) in this day and age or was that only possible during Obama's time?

I am just wondering, personal experience welcomed. I want to know if someone who didn't do the best in high school but blossomed academically in college can transfer to a top university.


Obama transferred from Occidental to Columbia.

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    Of course you can, if your grades are good enough.

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    He needs to be versatile. Also, he can finish his undergrad at the State level and go to Columbia for his graduate degree. My sister when to the University of Illinois and then when it was time for grad school, she applied to Columbia. She got in and completed her Masters degree there. It was expensive as anything so make sure he has the money and the ability to pay it off afterwords.

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