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what did wikileaks release?


Trying to figure out what the hissy is about

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    They released a massive collection of "cables", which is basically diplomatic documents involving foreign countries and the USA.

    For example. One of the documents showed Saudi Arabia pushing hard for the US to attack Iran. Of course we didn't actually act on it but basically a lot of the documents show ongoing diplomatic disputes from all over the world.

    The media will continue to focus on the "treasonous" motives behind wikileaks and will gloss over any real discovery of something controversial.

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    Basically a bunch of government documents that are not for civilian eyes. They are normally military operations where civilian casualties are involved. The problem with it is that these documents are proof that the government is not secure in keeping their documents safe. Wikileaks essentially makes our country vulnerable.

    Source(s): going to the site to see what all of this was about
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    About 90% of what was released was already known, of the remaining 10% half was useless information and the remaining 5% was disinformation. For example two cables refer to Osama Bin Laden coordinating where to set up road side bombs --- Neat trick given Osama Bin Laden has been dead for 9 years.

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    There is a huge hissy fit about it, but in a few weeks they will say that it was nothing imporrtant blah blah balh.

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    However, it will give Conservatives something to talk about on the FOX NEWS like the fake outrage about the TSA.

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