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Survival situation: Gun or Knife?

Say your community/town/area goes to hell, the commie police are after you, and you must run into the woods. You won't be coming out for at least a month, and can choose between a 22 and a 7' serrated K-BAR.

I have to go with Rambo on this one, I'm taking the knife, no matter how much I love my guns. What about you?


How are you going to skin a rabbit with a 22? Can't.

Update 2:

Some of you are going against even the USMC's belief. Why does my situation have to be logical? You can't build anything with a gun, eat with a gun, cut much with a gun(unless you shoot it but that isn't logical either).

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    I guess, since we're playing with this (unless you're reading about Homeland, the game coming out on the PS3 in a few months).

    A knife. The K-bar is great, but I have others I like. But, ANY knife is better than a gun. In any situation, you most have a knife. It should be the first tool you acquire in any situation. You can start a fire, skin game, hunt, use for self-defense, almost anything you need. You can also use it to make other tools, or weapons. A gun is either a gun, or a glorified club.

    If you are being hunted, a gun makes noise. You don't need this. When you run out of ammo, you're left with a club. Full auto is useless. If you can't hit anything with one round, what good will 50 do? How long will 500 rounds last anyway? One shot, one kill. The 22 is quite, but it still makes noise, especially when you're not allowed firearms.

    If you MUST have a gun, kill your tracker, take his, as well as anything else you need, and keep moving. The next guy is likely to have more ammo, another weapon, and so on. Repair or replace what you need. But, every time you do this, you leave a trail.

    You can't hide a rifle very well, but you can a knife. So, if you have to duck into a town...

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    I swear this question has been asked... repeatedly... every week... 1. The situation dictates the usage of a tool. The tool does not dictate the situation. 2. If general purpose knives are included, knives. Think about homes, utility knives, etc. Also what is the definition of a knife? Is a machete a knife? Also what is most commonly carried? I bet there are more pocket knives than hand guns. Overall... I think knives still outnumber guns. 3. Define the survival situation. The right tool for the right job. In a gun fight, a gun is significantly more useful. If stuck out in the boonies, a knife might be more practical. 4. Depends... placement and usage are deciding factors 5. Depends... placement and usage are deciding factors BQ: DUH! Yes.. a knife is just a tool. Police need to have tools to do their jobs. How do you remove a person from stuck seat belt in a car accident... They don't shoot the seat belt. Use a little common sense...

  • Jeremy
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    It would be hard to survive with just a .22 lr or k-bar. If you have the .22 you can hunt but you can't skin the animal. If you have the k-bar you would have a lot harder of a time hunting but if you did manage to kill something you could skin it. I would go with the k-bar because I scavenge and occasionally get a hold of a rabbit. Fortunately for me I carry a Glock 26 9mm and a Gerber 3" serrated folding knife. The only bad part is having only 20 rounds of ammo.

  • Levi
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    Running into the woods for survival? Knife, hands down. Although I don't like serrated blades for that stuff, my Ka-Bar is just a sharp strong blade. It might be a little big for skinnin', but it would work in a pinch. For rabbits you pull the skin off anyways. All you gotta cut is the slit and around the feet.

    If I am worried about defending myself a gun would probably be more handy, but I wouldn't want a .22 for that.

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    Oh my this is so idiotic that I just have to comment. If the "commie police" were after me, I think they'd be willing to follow me in to the woods.

    You don't need a knife to skin a rabbit you've shot. Tear the hide and peel it off.

    Your question is extremely loaded. If I'm spending a month in the woods and don't have anything else, a knife is a much more universal tool.

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    I am going to take the .22 as I always, ALWAYS, have a pocket knife in my pocket and a folder on my belt, they can do all the skinning that is required. The K-Bar would be useful for digging some wild turnips or onions I guess but mostly for me the K-bar is just going to be dead weight.

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    your restrictions are illogical so arguments like 'how you going to skin a rabbit' are also illogical.

    I'd take a gun because there are a lot more knives floating around this world and it would be much easier to steal one than a gun. And in a pinch even a steak-knife would work just fine for skinning a rabbit.

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    I dont even need a knife to skin a rabbit, once you have an opening its just tug and pull

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    I'd choose the .22. Lot's of obsidian around here. I could make a cutting edge by knapping fairly easily.

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    I'd love to take that little .22, but I'd also go with the K-BAR. I figure I could scavenge on plants for food, water, and shelter.

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