im fascinated by the royal family and the engagement...?

and i have been for a long time from henry the 8ths time to princess diana's to now. i wanted to know how ppl felt about the engagement and the future of the royal family because of this. i think this engagement will be better than diana and charles because they actually care for each other while charles was simply looking for a woman of good enough standing to marry. but what are your opinions?

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    I'm British so this means even more to me as Prince William will one day be my King! I was only 15 when Charles and Diana got engaged and even then I felt there was something wrong about it - he was so much older and they had nothing in common. To be honest he listened far too much to his "Uncle Dickie" (Lord Mountbatten) who said he should "play the field and then settle down with a nice young girl".

    I feel better about William and Kate. They met at university 8 years ago, so they've been together a long time, and they had a trial break-up in 2007. Maybe that sounds strange but it shows they really do want each other that they got back together again so I think you're totally right.

    Honestly, Charles should have married Camilla in the first place. They had the opportunity to before she married Andrew Parker-Bowles.

    Anyway, the past is the past and I'm looking forward to 29 April 2011. William and Kate are going to tie the knot in Westminster Abbey, always the traditional place for a royal wedding (though Charles and Diana didn't get married there). I hope they don't use the modern Church of England service as it would be such a let down - this is the popular one and Charles and Diana went for this

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    Your basic opinion has very sturdy insights. so as to precise mine, this would not ensue in basic terms with the British Royal kin or nay royal kin, as a question of reality. the clarification the vast majority of the persons (no longer all) are involved is the comparable that human beings even have an interest by action picture stars, prevalent singers, athletes and different celebrities: they have get right of entry to to assistance approximately them, in view that they are consistently on the spotlight. Its an extension of the tendency to gossip approximately fellow-workers while they do no longer seem to be around (i do no longer approve it, additionally, even though it occurs). human beings are only like that: they desire to chat approximately human beings. that for the time of reality jogged my memory of the asserting: "super minds communicate approximately recommendations, regular minds communicate approximately info; and greater modest minds think of roughly... human beings!"

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    A lot of people have offered their opinions on the engagement here over the past several days. They may not want to repeat them. I suggest that you look at the backlog of questions here in Royalty. There have been tons of questions and answers on this subject.

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    As a Jew I am delighted that a Jewish woman is marrying into the Royals. Finally we will sit on the throne of England and perhaps this will allow us to lay a conclusive claim on our promised land.

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    I'm sorry to tell you but the only thing most people in the UK are looking forward to is the day off we'll get when they get married.

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