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Famous Polish People (modern)?

Any famous polish people that are alive and popular now (preferably in America)

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    Miguel Najdorf (chess player) and Roman Polanski

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  • Sylvia
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    4 years ago

    on the 1.September 1939 at 04:45 hours the german forces attact Poland without declaring war. The Polish were not able to withstand very long, their army was some how old fashion, still cavallery and old weapons. On the 17th September the Polish goverment went to Romania and asked for asylum. Same time the Soviet Union occupied the eastern part of Poland, Belorussia and the western Urkrainia. Poland surrendered on the 18th September 1939. In August 1939 Hitler and Stalin signed a contract not to attac each other (Nicht Angriffspakt). Now Hitler had what he wanted to occupie Poland without being attacted by Russia. Lot of Polish soldiers were fighting together with the British/American Forces later on. Underground was not very sufficient in Poland, the German regime was very well organiced.

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