Why do straight girls watch lesbian porn and lesbians watch gay male porn?

The reason that lesbians give is that the men treat each other as equals (I doubt it) and "straight" women get off to lesbian porn because the girls in it are pretty. If these "straight" pornstars in lesbian porn were straight, they would not date girls off screen so the reason that lesbians give for not watching lesbian porn is invalid. And if straight women are attracted to men, then they would at least watch straight porn made for women. Straight men watch straight porn or lesbian porn and gay men watch gay porn. Yes I know that women are less visual but then they wouldn't have a problem with straight porn. I heard that one lesbian likes to see an erect penis in porn and straight women like seeing naked women rather than naked men. What sense can possibly be made out of this? Penis envy? Misandry? Lesbian tendencies and in denial? Something else? If you like to see something onscreen, then you like to see it off screen. An example-Godzilla is rampaging through Manhattan. On screen it's fun to watch. Off-screen it's scary but still a cool sight. But neither porn situation is dangerous like Godzilla. Try to give an explanation other than "everyone is different". That doesn't give a reason.

I asked this before and didn't really get a clear answer.

It seems that fans of anime watch gay and straight porn.

Wouldn't lesbians want to watch 2 women having sex and straight women want to watch a man and a woman having sex?



I mean straight porn marketed to women.

Update 2:

@ash ashraa

are you straight or a lesbian? This question isn't directed towards bis or undefined really. Too many different types of bisexual to put in one category.

BTW the fluid system is flawed/incomplete

Update 3:


I already tried other sections. And "straight" women say they watch it because the women are pretty.

And why the hell would lesbians care about watching gay porn? Unless they are cynical and have self esteem issues, they should have no problem watching lesbian porn.

Update 4:


You clearly haven't watched much lesbian porn. The only reason they act like that is so the vagina remains visible. And usually a man isn't involved. I said before that they actively date each other off-screen. A lot of them look like normal attractive women. And why do straight women say they watch lesbian porn because the women are pretty?

Update 5:


then why would they say they get off to it because the girls are pretty? I forgot to mention that they get off to it. BTW the straight man fetish is huge in gay porn so a lot of actors are straight.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well straight women watch lesbian and gay porn because it's more intermiate and not wam bam thank you mame like straight porn it's more romantic and the couple really seem like they care about each other and both of them are getting pleasure in stead of just one straight porn .

    Lesbian and also bisexual don't like lesbian porn because number one

    they don't show all the ways lesbians have sex they only do dildo and licking and rubbing and

    that's not all lesbians do it bed and who the hell wheres high heels when their having sex .

    since when is straight porn marketed towards women I've seen my share of straight porn and I have seen a lot and none have appealed to me .

    I still find them quite boring .

    if you only wanted a straight woman's point of view lgbt section is not the best place try single and dating section .

    I may be bisexual but any straight woman would tell you the same thing .

    The porn industry doesn't care what women want even though more of us are watching porn now . They only care about what men want . Even in straight porn and lesbian porn . Most lesbian porn only have what straight men want to see not what most lesbian and bisexual women want to see the women look fake . every time their doing a acting in it the girl is never really lesbian or bisexual she's just a straight girl that's just curious or bicurious . Which most straight men believe the girls don't even know how to do oral sex right some of them lick it like their scare of it . They always talk about big hard cocks which we don't want to hear . and it's always a guys not here so let's **** each other . when real life lesbians and bi women have sex with each other because they like each other not because some man it's there to give them a good **** . It feeds in the stereotype that women need men to have good sex . Oh my boyfriend doesn't do me right so let's try each other we're not really gay but we're so horny because a big stronge man would bang us right isn't here .

    Gay porn is more real because they are taken seriously and

    they don't need help to have sex .

    The women wear too much make up . they too plastic and don't look like real women . Their breast are fake and looks funny some times .

    straight girls would watch it because their seeing some thing they never seen before and they want to know how we get down . They don't know jack any thing about lesbian sex like straight men . I did not say they were not pretty I said they look fake and too plastic and I do watch a lot of lesbian porn . so I know what I'm talking about and listen your a man I'm a woman even though we care some thing in common that we both like women . The same thing that appeals to you wouldn't always able to me or other lesbian and bisexual women . Dude sorry to burst your bubble but a lot of them are straight for pay they make more money doing girl on girl porn . their not real lesbians or bi . only a small few are and I've only seen a few we're the woman licked right like she mean it and you can still see it stupid .

    I don't about straight girls I'm sure as hell not straight ask them that .

    Yeah that's true their are a lot of gay for pay in gay porn but they do a better job than those lesbian for pay porn starts and it looks real and not fake . And how the hell would you know what lesbian sex is suppose to look like your not a lesbian woman or bisexual you don't have a vagina you only learned from porn .

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    • Ian6 years agoReport

      GROSS. Straight women watching gay porn? WTF?

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  • 3 years ago

    Lesbian And Gay Porn

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  • 3 years ago

    Gay Girls Porn

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  • Donna
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    4 years ago

    that is more of an assumption than a question. how do you know that "straight girls watch lesbian porn and lesbians watch gay male porn"?

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  • 9 years ago

    Sometimes gay porn is the best.The guys in gay porn are way hotter than guys in straight porn.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i love lesbian porn ;)

    • Ian6 years agoReport


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