Windows 7 Product Key?

My mom put Windows 7 on my laptop, but she cant kind the product key anywhere. I downloaded this thing called "Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder" cause it said it would find my product key. Well the product key it found says its a default key or something & cannot be used for activation. But I have a genuine Windows 7 disk, and cannot find the key. Maybe this program didnt work, but if it usually does, why is it telling me they key that it found for ME, wont actually work? Does anyone have any advice on how to get my Windows activated? Ive still got 24 days, but I know nothing about computers for the most part, and I'm not even sure how to go about this.


I realize that I need to enter the product key. But its gone. My mom cannot find it. Which is why I posted this. So whats the next step.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well if she installed the OS on another system run MagicJellyBean on that , but then it won't actually be legal, BUT if you haven't activated it in a long time it will still work.

    Or there is a command line called slmgr if you go into the command prompt and type in slmgr and press enter you'll get a graphical list of options which include slmgr /rearm which will rearm your graceperiod, and change the product key or use a specific key or use key management services or Multiple activation keys.

    It will take you a minute to figger out , but slmgr does have the ability to get you activated.

    There are also hacks that will get you activated, but most of these don't work.

    I'm not gonna link it but if you google Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition it will work for all versions.

  • 9 years ago

    If you have the box the product came in - then search there - often the product key is hidden behind all the bits of paper on the inside. Or check the back of the box (if you have the box) sometimes it is on the back...

    Or if you cant find the product key contact the place that you bought it from origionally and explain that there is no product key

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    9 years ago

    magical jelly bean key finder is ONLY for retrieving keys you entered into windows (in case you forgot it)

    you don't have a "genuine windows 7 disk" that's impossible, windows 7 only becomes genuine once you enter a valid registration key.

    you need to enter the key that came with the disk.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i understand ur problem and to the person ahead of me be nice he just asked a question :) if she bought it in stores then she should have gotten a box or something or a sleeve it would be on if it illegal then u can't but i don't think it is. did ur mom get just the disk from someone or did she buy it legal somewhere check to see if it came with a sleeve or a box or something like that hope it works PS PM me if u have any other questions the next step if u can't find it is to call Microsoft and explain your situation to them tell them where u bought it and u have a receipt i hope and tell them what happen hope they can do something for you

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  • 9 years ago

    Magical Jelly Bean recovers the keys you've already entered - It doesn't find new ones. In short, if you've lost the key you're out of luck.

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