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Car Registration in CA rule?

hi, I recently moved from AR to CA.

I work as a consultant at a company in CA-SFO region. My contract is till may of 2011. And, I have relocated my family here.. and rented an apartment.

my Question

1. My Car registration from AR is valid till May2011... so shud I re-register my car in CA again ? Even though i know i wont be here beyond mar-April ? Can i drive with my AR registration and license ?

2. Incase i have to (which is around $ 300 +100 =400), Incase i move out around april-may to some other state, will i get back the remaining months registration amt back from CA DMV or adjusted in my new state DMV?

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  • 10 years ago
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    CA requires you to register the car within 20(?) days of when you or the car gets to CA. If you wait until your currently registration expires, then they add several hundred dollars for lateness.

    CA requires you to get a CA license almost immediately upon arrival. Once you are living or working in CA, you are no longer allowed to drive in CA without a CA license. CA only allows use of out-of-state licenses by short-term visitors who neither work nor live in CA. If you work or live in CA, then you cannot drive any car in CA with an AR license.

    Also, be aware of the following:

    1. Because there is no expectation of working in CA for more than six months, you do not qualify to claim the moving expenses on your taxes.

    2. Because you relocated your family, you cannot claim that you are on a long business trip and deduct the lodging, mileage, etc., as business travel. You decided to make CA your family home, so you do not get the tax benefit of working far from home for a short time.

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  • Bill
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    10 years ago

    Since you are here on a temporary duty basis and Arkansas is still your home base you should be able to keep the Arkansas license and registration. The re registration rules apply to people" moving" into the state.

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  • 6 years ago


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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago


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