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Whats better to live in Massachusetts or Connecticut or New Hampshire?

1. Which one has lower taxes for houses?

2. Which one has more jobs?

3. Which one has more family things to do?

4. Which one has cheaper houses?

5. Which one has better public schools?

6. Which one has a lower violence rate?

7. Which one has more out door things to do?

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    NH has the highest property tax rate, but no sales tax or income tax

    Massachusetts will have the most jobs

    Massachusetts will have the most to offer for entertainment if any kind

    The cheapest homes will be in rural northern New Hampshire, but will also have the fewest employment opportunities. Basically, the less expensive the home the fewer job opportunities there will be

    All have good public schools, but they vary by community Brockton MA has lousy schools, but Newton MA has pretty good ones. You have to check out the school system in each community you are looking in.

    All have low violent crime rates, only some of the poorer cities will have high violent crime rates, places like Bridgeport, CT and New Bedford MA will have higher crime rates

    All are about the same as far as outdoor activities are concerned, all are great in the summer , and lousy in the winter

    Live in central Massachusetts

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    New Hampshire is great if you like to ski. I lived in Mass. for 14 yrs. Boston is a great city with wonderful suburbs. Now I am in CT.Nice for families with school age children but a little boring. NYC is a plus if you live near Metro North

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    for the record, deep sea fishing IN boston (or any the place in new hampshire), is fairly a lot impossible pass to the cape, there are a lot of places that have deep sea fishing shape boats. or maine, maine has plenty too.

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