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difference between japanese green tea and chinese green tea ?

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    Japanese green tea has its roots in China and harvesting and production techniques originally came from China 500 years ago. The difference in the tea is the quality. Japanese farmers have refined their processing methods over hundreds of years to improve the quality of the tea that is produced. Even though China was the originator, Japan is now known as the maker of the highest quality green teas.

    Japanese green tea is a powerful antioxidant with compounds that can shield you from many harmful diseases including cancer and heart disease.

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  • krk
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    9 years ago

    Discussion a little about China Green Tea and Japan Green Tea.

    Japanese green originated from China 500 years ago. The harvesting and processing method were also imported from China. However, over the centuries, Japanese farmers and producer improve green tea quality one generation after another, and now Japan is a country famous for her high quality Green Tea product. Green Tea has became an icon for Japan and without Green Tea, Japan will lose its iconic status as a green and healthy cultural country.

    I have tasted Chinese Green Tea and Japanese Green Tea often. In my opinion, both have their good and bad.

    1st Round.....


    Chinese Green Tea is cheap compare to those from Japan.

    For example, the cheapest tea leaf is around $1-2/kg in China while Japan usually cost twice that much.

    Winner: China

    2nd Round....


    No doubt Japanese Green Tea is of the highest grade. I have never met one supplier who does not produce good quality tea.

    On the other side, we tends to think that Made in China tea is of poor quality, but actually it is not true. Chinese manufacturers claimed that their quality is high, and I admit that their green tea is very high (as high as the Japanese). The taste is strong, delicious, and aromatic. Moreover, there are no dead insects, soils, hairs, foreign materials found together with the tea leaves. However, of the hundreds of tea manufacturers. Only a few passes the grade as a good quality tea manufacturer.....So, if you want to search for one, it will be tough...

    Winner: Japan


    Japanese regular green tea tastes almost the same as the Chinese green tea. However, Japan has many different grades at the top other words, at the high quality level, there are many more grades to choose from with each unique taste. Each taste is came from different region, and from different processing and harvesting methods. China, however, in my knowledge do not have this kind of level of high quality unique taste....the problem I found, mass production kills quality kills the innovation of creating unique taste.. moreover, chinese prefer their own chinese tea more than green tea. Note: I cannot say so for specific local region since each region in china produces their local preference for tea.......

    Winner: Japan


    This is a tough one, since I find both country tea smell almost the same.... hahaha.....

    Winner: China and Japan


    Because Japan is such a small country, the availability for the whole global community is logistically not possible. Moreover, the local tea farmers prefer to feed the demand of the local markets more than the overseas markets. Big Japanese corporate tea companies realized this and have exported their tea *ahem* Japanese *ahem* technology to China and educate the Chinese manufacturing companies how to produce tea quality as high as those from Japan. In contrast, China can serve the global community with whatever amount....

    Winner: China

    So who is the winner, it really depends on what you are looking for...

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Japanese tend to use macha tea, which is ground into powder. Chinese use all sorts of preparations. Both come from the same plants, though, Camellia sinensis.

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  • 9 years ago

    No difference they are same,even Indian green tea is also same.

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