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Is the Yahoo-AP on drugs ?


James show me your link

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    Until we get rid of the disaster in the White House and all those who keep spending beyond our means, the economy will continue to be in terrible shape, there will be no new jobs and our Nation will pay the price. Taxing and spending is not the answer. Making more laws to take away more of our rights on how we live, what we eat, what we drive, what we weigh, etc. is not the answer either. Is Yahoo-AP on drugs? Well, they are certainly partaking of the Kool-Aid and believing in someone who has not earned the right for any cheering for the mess he has made of this Nation. When people wake up and vote for someone who actually believes in our Nation, our freedoms and in Capitalism, then we will continue down the slippery slope. Say "no" to the Socialist agenda and fight to take this Nation back!!

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    Those aren't taxes... that's the price of a commodity with a fluctuating market.

    No offense but did you read the article or understand the oil market? The oil market is priced by oil cartels and taxes are determined by the government. Your article is talking about pricing not taxes. The article doesn't even have the word "tax" in it but every paragraph discusses the price of a barrel. The PRICE increases are determined by the market as controlled by the cartels... there was no discussion of the government's role on gasoline taxes in your source.

  • So, you did not say a word when Cheney/Bush pushed the Gas Prices through the roof but a $4 dollar a tank increase in gas prices under a Democrat is an underhanded tax? Typical Republican.

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    It's not a tax. The price of gas went up. Happens all the time.

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    The intentional weakening of the dollar is a form of taxation and it is a regressive tax. It taxes the poor the at the highest percentage of their income. However the poor that vote for Democrats over and over again, are too ignorant to realize the people they vote for have targeted them for life long dependence humility and low self esteem. When will the poor realize the free market is the solution and government is the cause of their being poor and powerless? If you are poor and vote democratic, please go to your local tea party meeting and save yourself and your family from a life long enslavement by your government, that you keep voting for.

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    We need aleader who wants America to be great again and productive

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