Seriously, Where Can I Find Prostitutes?

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I'm a seventeen year old male, and I have been horny for awhile. I posted a question about my sexual urges, and some actually suggested that I go pay a slut to have sex with. I more
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prostitutes are disgusting dude. i agree with the comment above, just stick to internet porn, it's safe.

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  • capwest5a answered 3 years ago
    Will they sleep with the teenager if he has the money? Yes.

    Where can I find them in Colorado Springs? In the seediest part of the downtown area.

    How much does this kind of thing cost? $50 to $100

    Where could I go "To do the deed" ? Cheap hotel or in a car.

    STDS ? You'll probably get one if you don't use a condom, and yes, you can get STDs from just a BJ too.

    They mostly come out at night, mostly.

    They'll take your money - and they may not even do anything BUT take your money.
    You would be taking a BIG risk pursuing this idea. I've known guys that have been beaten up by the prostitute's pimp, had ALL their money stolen, had their CLOTHING stolen, had their CAR stolen, and caught STDs. Just about every bad thing that can happen, WILL happen (eventually) if you use 'whore services'. In fact, I know this one guy who picked up a whore. When it came time to have sex after they smoked some crack cocaine, it turned out that it was NOT a woman at all. It was a 'ladyboy' - the 'woman' had a penis. Apparently he was high and let 'it' give him a BJ. Talk about gross. . .
    I suggest that you just watch porn and masturbate for now to relieve your 'horniness' until you find a real girlfriend. Don't get involved in the seedy underworld of prostitutes and pimps. Fair warning.
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