Does Depeche Mode have any political songs?


there is people are people anything else?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Every song on their third album 'Construction Time Again' is political (with the exceptions of Love, In Itself and More Than A Party). They deal with environmental issues (The Landscape Is Changing), as well as poverty (Shame), nuclear weapons (Two Minute Warning) and revolutions (And Then...) amongst other topics, but it's not exactly deep stuff. You can't blame them, they were all barely out of their teens when they made the album, but they felt they should at least attempt something a little weightier. They had also just returned from a tour of the Far East, and were influenced by a lot of the things they witnessed there.

    Other political songs not from CTA would be New Dress (the media), People Are People (prejudice), and probably also John The Revelator (Iraq?). They've held off from politics in recent years though; Martin's seems to be much more comfortable writing about sex, drugs and religion :)

  • 1 decade ago

    There were a few that touched on political issues - Everything Counts was about the rise of a more aggressive capitalism in the UK under Margaret Thatcher ("the grabbing hands grab all they can"); Two MInute Warning was about nuclear war/cold war; Master & Servant is generally reckoned to be about S & M but I think they intended it to have more than one meaning, ie about power relationships; New Dress is about the media trivialising serious issues in favour of celebrity gossip.

    In fact the deliberately started writing about more serious subjects at this time because they'd previously been criticised for being just a lightweight pop band (Just Can't Get Enough,See You etc)

  • 5 years ago

    john the revelator sounds political to me

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