Epic Mickey Whats the game about?

Epic mickey whats the game about is it a fighting game or just a bunch of stories..??

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  • 10 years ago
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    Disney Epic Mickey is primarily an open-ended platform game with some RPG elements, and allows players to use their own solutions for getting through the levels. Epic Mickey features a morality system similar to games like inFAMOUS and Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. Different alliances, side-quests and power-ups are made available depending on the actions of the player. It is also possible to avoid boss battles if specific actions are taken.

    The key feature of the game is the magic paint brush, which Mickey wields, that has the ability to draw or erase objects, using paint and thinner respectively. For example, obstacles can be erased from physical existence using the thinner and then restored using the paint, or enemies can be friended by revitalizing them with the paint or destroyed completely using the thinner. Mickey is also able to materialize objects from sketches, which have various effects. Two confirmed sketches, the clock and the television, slow down time and distract enemies, respectively.[11] Both fluids have limited reserves, adding a strategic element to game play: players must compromise between making various tasks harder or easier to accomplish. However, the fluids automatically but slowly refill and power-ups that quickly replenish the fluids are available in certain areas.

    There are many varieties of enemies in the Wasteland, such as Blotlings, the Shadow Blot's henchmen, who come in various forms. The weakest form of Blotling, the Spatters, can be dealt with in many ways from destroying them to making them friendly. There are also the Mad Doctor's Beetleworx, robots that are immune to paint and thinner and must be dealt with in other ways (though they still have painted parts), and Oswald's children, the bunny kids, who are not normally hostile and adore their "Uncle Mickey", but impede his progress by doing things such as clinging onto him, which slows him down.[12]

    To travel between sections of the Wasteland, Mickey traverses 2D side-scrolling levels based on his classic cartoon shorts, such as Steamboat Willie and Clock Cleaners.

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