Why do people claim America is a Christian country, when it was founded by Freemason Deists ?

There is much speculation on the religious nature of the United States of America as it was founded. Many Christians assert that the United States was founded as a Christian nation and, therefore, it is not only our right but our duty to reclaim it for God. But is America a Christian nation in the true sense of the word?

John Adams - Spoke favorably of Freemasonry -- never joined

Samuel Adams - (Close and principle associate of Hancock, Revere & other Masons

Ethan Allen - Mason

Edmund Burke - Mason

John Claypoole - Mason

William Daws - Mason

Benjamin Franklin - Mason

Nathan Hale - No evidence of Masonic connections

John Hancock - Mason

Benjamin Harrison - No evidence of Masonic connections

Patrick Henry - No evidence of Masonic connections

Thomas Jefferson - Deist with some evidence of Masonic connections

John Paul Jones - Mason

Francis Scott Key - No evidence of Masonic connections

Robert Livingston - Mason

James Madison - Some evidence of Masonic membership

Thomas Paine - Humanist

Paul Revere - Mason

Colonel Benjamin Tupper - Mason

George Washington - Mason

Daniel Webster - Some evidence of Masonic connections

Do Americans even know their 'true roots' or 'hidden history' ?


The founding fathers left Britian for 2 reasons. Freedom from banks and religion.

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  • Lacey
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    9 years ago
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    The Pilgrims left England in 1620 looking for religious freedom and because they took issue with British banks. The Pilgrims were not our founding fathers. They were also neither Christians or Mason's. They were Puritans, which was a small offshoot group of the Church of England.

    Of the 21 men you mentioned, not a single one of them was born in time to have been a member of the original group of Pilgrims that left England and established any of the settlements that later became the basis for the American colonies.

    Also of the 21 men you mention, I was only able to find one, Thomas Paine, who was even born in England at all. John Paul Jones was born in Scotland, and Edmund Burke in Ireland. At least 14 of the others were born and lived out their lives in the American colonies. Therefore none of them, excluding Thomas Paine of course, ever left Britain for any reason.

    Additionally, there is no rule or code that states that a Freemason cannot also adhere to the beliefs of a Christian church, or any other church. The Freemasons are a fraternal organization, not a religion. There are many Mason's who not only belong to a Christian church, but also espouse the same beliefs that you mention in your question. I'd consider it very likely that this was just as much the case during the time that our country chose to assert it's independence as it is today. Rarely does belonging to any organization interfere with a person's personal religious beliefs if they have them.

    Considering all of these points, I would say that you are not even that aware of the true roots and history of America that aren't hidden.

  • 9 years ago

    Perhaps they take such principles as a poll: we are a Christian nation because the majority of citizens are Christians. I'm not sure that's literally true, but certainly there are more Christians than atheists. A good many of them may be Christians in name only, but I guess that counts.

    As to the founding fathers, they made it abundantly clear that they were NOT founding a Christian nation. There's a reason why there is the clause about no religious test for holding public office in the Constitution, and why the Constitution could not be ratified without the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment comes first for a very good reason.

    Also, I think most Masons are at least nominally Christian.

  • 9 years ago

    Some people just assume that what they believe in is the only truth. the founding fathers were so far apart on their religious beliefs that they knew the only way they were going to accomplish their goal of forming a new democratic republic would be to leave religion out of the picture. Being Christian is never mentioned in the constitution because our founding fathers knew if they did it would cause the experiment they called the United States of America would fail before it got started.

    The bible thumping evangelists will never rest until they have undermined our country with religious dogma and destroy this wonderful system that was set up for us by men far wiser than our leaders today.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Probably because the same ignorant people don't believe in global warming, evolution of the species, abortion to rid the world of unwanted babies and all the other myriad of things the drooling religious right believes in. You have you facts a bit skewed, though. America was discovered by the Spanish who colonized the Southwest in the name of Geezus, long before that miserable band of religious mis-fits got kicked out of England and showed up on Plymouth rock and started making beer. The founding fathers realize the power and ignorance of the religious right and how official state religions had nearly destroyed Europe, so they took great pains when the drafted the constitution so as to make it impossible for the drooling religious right to usurp the constitutional government and install Geezus as the head of the country. They did a pretty good job of it until Reagan got elected and then he not only showed big business how to break the unions but showed the drooling religious right how it could take over the country and shove their ignorant, narrow minded beliefs down the throats of the majority...

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  • 9 years ago

    As an American, I can say that many of us are ignorant of our country's history. Most, or all, of our Founding Fathers were Christian, but Christian Deists (as you said), which is a very different sort of Christian than the new born-again type that is all the rage today. So when I hear people say "We were founded as a Christian nation - that's why they shouldn't take prayer out of schools!", or other such nonsense, they are right that our Founding Fathers were Christian, but definitely not the type of Christian they think. And our country was founded first and foremost on the principle of relgious freedom.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity. Nowhere in the Gospels do we find a precept for Creeds, Confessions, Oaths, Doctrines, and whole carloads of other foolish trumpery that we find in Christianity." --John Adams

    The government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion."

    John Adams

  • 9 years ago

    The fact that you even ask this question shows a potential bias against the truth and certainly a vested interest in the answer. For my money, that's one of the biggest problems with America today. Too many--FAR too many!!!--have their minds made up then look for evidence to support their position and ignore or even suppress that which contradicts. It's insane!

    It's been well documented that the Supreme Court ruled in 1892 in the case of The Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States that America is a Christian nation. Maybe LESS well documented is the fact that the court deliberated for TEN YEARS before coming to their finding!!!

    You think about that! The Supreme Court deliberated for 10 years before finding America to be a Christian nation.

    Now ... one might argue that there's been a LOT of water under the bridge in the 118 years SINCE 1892. That argument would be in support of a President Obama saying that America is not a Christian nation ... fill in the blank: Any more? Today? I mean, it's compelling to think that the court once ruled that way, but it's a binding for all eternity!

    But YOUR QUESTION isn't talking ... today. YOUR QUESTION is essentially saying that if you consider the evidence from the times that our flegling nation were coming into being, reasonable people wouldn't say that we were a Christian nation.

    I would argue that David Barton in "Original Intent" absolutely slam dunk PROVES to ANYONE who cares to consider the facts that the people who came to America came via a Christian pilgrimage with the expressed intent of "advancing the Kingdom of God." Barton lays it ALL out for you! These people were fire-breathing Christians. Unfortunately, I can just magically link to Barton's book. It's for sale! IF you care to know the truth, you'll check it out of the library, borrow it, or buy it.

    But here is a link that attempts to dispel the myth that you and others are advancing:


    On any given day, with any given person, you never know ... is he lying? Is he a victim of the lies of others? What? I mean, as I've indicated, people have a vested interest in denying our Christian heritage! I don't know why, but they do! Again, Obama doesn't say we WEREN'T a Christian nation in 1892. He says we aren't today. That's an entirely different argument! But lots and lots of people are going to great lengths to deny our Christianity all the way back. And many of them are willing to use utter duplicity to make their points.

    Take that 1892 Supreme Court ruling. I saw SEVERAL Google hits trying desperately to refute David Barton's claim that the court did in fact rule that we were a Christian nation. Here's a quote from one of those deniers:

    "Unfortunately, their (Christians) thesis and the analysis of the case that accompanies it amounts to little more than a manipulation of the language of the opinion to distort the actual meaning of the case, its relevant facts and its stated rule of law." Here's the entire link if you want to read their rebuttal:


    Compare that agenda-driven writeup to this one from wikipedia:


    Check out this quote: "After reviewing the history, the Supreme Court declared the United States to be a "Christian nation" in Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States 143 U.S. 457 (1892): These, and many other matters which might be noticed, add a volume of unofficial declarations to the mass of organic utterances that this is a Christian nation."

    "... that this is a Christian nation." Does that really amount to "... little more than a manipulation of the language of the opinion to distort the actual meaning of the case"? LOL!

    In Christ

  • 9 years ago

    From the Treaty of Tripoli, ratified unanimously by the US Senate, and signed by John Adams, one of the same founding fathers listed in the question

    "the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion"

    Sounds pretty clear to me.

  • 9 years ago

    You are right about the freemason deists, but they cloaked their true beliefs under the guise of servitude and gratitude to the God of heaven. I think the people of today generally know more about what they were up to, then the people of the days in which our nation built it's foundations and statutes. You are not wrong regarding the masons.

  • 6 years ago

    yes, i agree most of MY founding fathers were deist masons, but you sound like an jerk. go ahead, don´t like my country, as long as you don´t come here, you can dislike this country all you want. if you so clearly dislike my country, why the hell do you even care about the American Founding fathers anyway much less want an answer about them and then act like an asshole when someone responds to your question? prick.

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