What College Should I Go To?

I am currently a freshman at Salem College in Winston Salem, NC. I am looking to transfer somewhere but I am having a hard time narrowing down where I should look. I want to move just to see the world. I have no declared major and no idea what I want to major in. I love skiing and snow, swimming at the beach, hiking, exploring both cities and the great outdoors. I am from Pennsylvania and I've been to: Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Florida, Maryland, West Virgina, Virgina, Maryland, and most of New England. I've traveled abroad to Italy and I am open to international schools as well. Please, if you have any ideas, let me know!

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    At this point you should just bail out on college for a year or so. There's no point wasting good money on an undeclared major. Take a year off and travel or be a nomad worker. If you like to ski, get a job for the winter working at a resort. Many bigger resorts offer housing. If you work in the hotel or the group sales areas they usually willing to train you and you get to ski for free on your days off. Try to bank some of the money so you can get through April and early May and then take a seasonal job as a river guide or in a park or with a conservation crew working on trails or something of that sort. There are many career opportunities in adventure tourism or hospitality, but the key is to find the thing you want to do and then go to school for that.

    But here's the kicker. Outdoor Education or Recreation degrees are expensive and you will not get a full time job anywhere for a few years after you graduate unless you get really lucky. I know plenty of people with those degrees who are in their late 20's or early 30's and are still working two seasonal jobs. If anything, get a business or marketing degree and minor in outdoor rec. Every week outdoor companies are posting jobs but they all require business or marketing degrees because they are all looking for people who can sell the products (ie North Face, Columbia, K2, etc. etc.)

    Similarly, I'm reluctant to hire people with those degrees to work for me as outdoor guides simply because I can't offer them steady pay or enough pay to make a permenant move and the resort I work for doesn't offer seasonal housing. I'm not the only one like that either. Other outdoor rec managers are in the same boat as me.

    Email me. Seriously. I'll even let you call me if you want some career planning.

    Source(s): I'm the Outdoor Recreation manager for a Destination Spa. I have over 20 years experience in the outdoor recreation field. My contact info is on my profile page.
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    Personally depending on what you want to major in. Penn State is mostly a engineering college. But it has some really nice class no matter what your taking. Plus Penn State Football games are unbelievable.

    Source(s): Siblings go to Penn State
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    Come to New York (State) we have lots of good, affordable colleges here! Especially the SUNY schools (State University of New York).

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