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Do you think the White Sox have an underrated rotation?

Mark Buehrle, Gavin Floyd and John Danks are all solid, Jake Peavy has the potential to be an ace, and Edwin Jackson is decent. Plus, Chris Sale could be a really good starter.

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    Kinda. Depends on how you look at it.

    The White Sox rotation can, at times, be the best in all of baseball. But they are so inconsistent.

    Mark Buehrle is the most consistent, same stats throughout the year. John Danks is similar.

    But the others........

    Jake Peavy hasn't prven he can pitch against AL teams and coming off an injury, I am very worried about him. Edwin Jackson has very little control and while he started out well with the White Sox, he finished poorly. I don't think he's that good and I hope he gets traded. Gavin Floyd usually starts pretty bad but when he hits his stride, watch out. He's the best pitcher in baseball when he's got his stuff. But he usually only has his stuff real good for a stretch of 1-2 months. Chris Sale, we just don't know enough about. Young guy and he's only been a bullpen dude so far.

    They are a good rotation, very streaky.

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    9 years ago

    They have an overachieving rotation more than an underrated one.

    Buerhle has been solid but he's far past his prime. He's getting old and he really showed it several times over the past season. Floyd and Danks are very solid but neither one should be considered an ace. I have to disagree with you about Peavy. Yes, he's had success before but San Diego is a pitcher's ballpark and most players who leave struggle. His struggle's are not unexpected. Plus, he has to throw against great hitters like Mauer, Cabrera and Morneau. The hitting in the NL West does not tend to be as good.

    Edwin Jackson played horrible in Arizona and caught some luck in Chicago. However, he really struggled to close out the season but he's young and full of talent. If he can keep his head right he may be very successful.

    I do not see them underrated because they haven't proven anything over a period of time. I do think they have some solid potential and perhaps this season will be something that they need. Let's hope not though so the Twins can get back to the playoffs and maybe win a game.

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  • 9 years ago

    Hmmm well I wouldn't call it underrated by any means,...Of all the veteran pitchers on that list only one(Danks) posted an ERA under 4 last season.Buehrle's only 31 but his numbers have shown a pattern of decline the last 3 years...Floyd's a career 4.5 ERA pitcher...Peavy had some good-maybe even great years in San Diego but hasn't pitched much more than 100 innings in each of the last two years-and even in his "healthy years" he tended to run out of gas in September..and got shelled in the only 2 post season games he ever pitched.Jackson is one of those hard to peg guys,,,one day he goes out and looks like Bob Gibson-the next game he goes out and cant throw a strike to save his soul and if he does he gets hammered.

    Sale pitched well in a September call up(1.93 ERA- in only 23 innings) - but those stats are hard to base a career on-he struck out a lot of people but thats not an unusual phenomena for a rookie pitcher-after his second or third trip around the league-then you can MAYBE make a projection....major league hitters adjust after all....

    I think its a pretty average staff really...

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  • 9 years ago

    The White Sox are currently talking to Roger Clemens for a possible comeback, shortly after that the Sox will sign Barry Bonds to a 5 year deal worth 18 steroid injections per year.

    Source(s): I'm a Twins fan.
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