Do Cops get free food,coffee, Donuts?

Do Cops get free food,coffee, or donuts? Just wondering I have seen my share of cops at Dunkin Donuts parking lot from time to time, but I've never actually been in the restaurant while they were there. Is this just a bad stereotype?

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  • 9 years ago
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    But most of the time they try to turn it down, because department regulations prohibit it in most places. Some places (in the old days) used to do it to try to curry favor and get better police protection. That is not really the case any more. Everybody knows that cops lock up the guy who bought them the free meal, just like they do the guy who charged full price.

    It is embarassing in someplaces, and some places won't take no for an answer, so you end up leaving a BIG tip. And someplaces are so flagrant aboit it, you stop going there.

    Back in the old days, when we made less money that any other public servant, we interperted it as a nice gesture. Now, we aren't sure why people do it. I guess it is somewhat akin to a professional courtesy. Lots of restaurants give half price to the guys who deliver to them, or the plumber who fixes their rest room.

    As far as the donuts, I love them, but don't eat too many any more, I have gotten too fat. But i do drink lots of Convenience store and donut shop coffee. Once upopn a time, only diners were open at night, all night, and it gave a police officer someplace to take a break from either foot or mechanized patrol. In the middle of the night, there are different people out and about in the world. So, the newspaper delivery man, the cop, the donut shop waitress and the bartenders going off duty are the only people around and they would often all come together in the diner or donut shop.

  • 9 years ago

    Well, James, one often sees exactly what one is looking for, if you follow me. How many times do you see cops at a school? at a restaurant? Sitting along a busy thoroughfare?

    The Cops and Donuts thing is most surely an over-rated stereotype. I don't imagine anyone really knows where it started, or how, but I have spent many nights on the street working with the police in my job as a probation officer ... and I am yet to stop at a Donut shop with any of them. Maybe at the 7-11 for a cup of coffee or hit a drive-through for a Coke, but never at a donut shop.

    This could have started in cities where police officers actually 'walked a beat', and in the evenings would stop in a donut shop to warm themselves and have a cup of coffee, after everything else was closed down. Just a guess though.

    In today's world, with all the emphasis put on health and fitness in most larger departments, and with most officers having vehicles to get around, I doubt you see very many officers clustered up in a donut shop. Still, the stereotype persists, probably only because it is humorous.

    Start paying attention to where you really do see police officers, then compare that with how many you really do see at a donut shop. I bet you'll find the percentages to be very small.

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    6 years ago

    Sure, some shops do offer free or discounted items. I see nothing wrong with this practice. McDonald's will give a huge discount on coffee to senior citizens, I guess some see it as discrimination on the basis of age, and demand the practice be stopped.

    I will often pay for a fast food meal for a member of the armed services, in uniform, who is behind me in line, I am not expecting him/her to protect me more than every other citizen of the USA. Sometimes the same store will also give service members a discount. Simply based on the way they dress, the very same service member would likely not get the same level of benefits from me or the store, if they were dressed in a T-shirt and jeans. So you might find discrimination based simply on your choice of clothes.

    I know a bar that during the middle of the week will give 2 for 1 drinks to women, discrimination on the basis of gender.

    There is a Burger King around me that will refill your fountain drink, but only to those who know the 'secret password and ritual' . - You must go up to the counter and ask them to refill it for you. Only people that buy their meal inside the store get this special treatment. But sometimes they will allow this for cops, Even if they bought their drink at another store.

    Where will the madness end, what good are all the anti-discrimination laws, if things like this are allowed to happen.

  • 9 years ago

    I don't get any food for free, and I wouldn't accept it if it was offered. The only reason a place does that is to keep police presence and reduce the chance of crime happening at their establishment. I'm a firm believer that as a police officer we should not show favoritism to a business just because they offer discounts or free meals. Every citizen has the right to equal protections, not just those who give food away. I don't eat doughnuts, but I do go to Dunkin Donuts for the ice coffee, and I pay full price like everyone else that goes there.

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  • beadlz
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    9 years ago

    its true. they either get them free or at a discounted price. the cops dont ask for free food, its the restaurant owner who thinks that by giving them free food, they will "protect" that owner's business more than they would another restaurant who doesn't give them free food. even when the cop says no thankyou to the offer, the owner of the restaurant usually insists.

  • mega
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    9 years ago

    Well, when they're on patrol during normal breakfast hours, they usually don't have a chance to have a proper breakfast before they have to report for duty. They have to order something that they can eat in the car.

    Further, several fast-food establishments give discounts on their items for law enforcement (though the amount depends on the owner). I haven't seen any places give free food, though.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They get a lot of freebies off record. You have to watch close. Like a $20 restaurant meal for $5 and change back.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The Chick-fil-a in my town gives them free lunch everyday.....Man they are lucky.....

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They do. Obama made a law that feeds those pigs for free

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    sometimes they do, you jealous ?

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