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Will i be right for special forces?

I am a black male. 16 years old 5 foot 9 about 180 pounds I am sort of stocky I ca do 125 sit-ups just over 45 push-ups in 2 minutes personality: quiet an d sort of reserved but will join in a converstion if it intrests me. I all ways score in the top ten in my tests I am a decent swimmer and dislike boastful people

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    The only way you will know if you are is for you to go for it. In my opinion, you have three things going for you. One you are intelligent, two, your personality and three you are African-American.

    The physical part is important. There is on doubt about it but special ops look for other things in their potential SEAL, Ranger, Recon Marine, Delta soldier etc. First and foremost, they look for intelligence. These men are not stupid men. Most of these men have some college or a college education. They have to learn HUGE amounts of information about a particular country or region. They have to learn, at a minimum, one other language, most know more than one. You need to be very quick on the uptake and need to be able to process and understand a great deal of information, sometimes on very short notice. So, intelligence is key

    Two, your personality, quiet and reserved is good. Contrary to how Hollywood tries to portray men in special ops, they are not rogue, wild cards that go off and do their own thing regardless of what their command says. They *have* to work as a team and some idiot who thinks he is better than everyone else, or who knows everything, is going to get his team killed and you can bet that he is going to be weeded out pretty quickly. But be warned, the instructors will be watching you and if you are too quiet and too reserved, they are going to pick up on that and they are going to assess whether or not they think your reserved personality is going to be a problem. If being quiet and reserved stops you from taking initiative or from taking a leadership position or stopping something from happening that shouldn't happen, then your personality will become a deficit, instead of a strength.

    Three, your race. I am NOT talking about Affrimitive Action. You don't get a pass simply because you are black. However, there are some very good logistical reasons why your race would be an asset. Unfortuantely, most special ops units are predominantly white. For whatever reason, that is the way it is and it does pose a probelm. Not every country that these guys go in is predominantly white and obviously someone white going into a predominanty black country is not going to be able to blend in as well as someone with the same skin tone. We need many more minorities to join our special ops units because blue eyed blonde Joe Smith from Kansas isn't going to be able to be iconspicious in Afghanistan the way swarthy, black hair, brown eyed Abdullah Mohammed is going to. Or Jose Sanchez will be able to in Latin America. So, whereas, being an African-American male might be a disadvantage, in some ways, in the civilian world, in special ops, it won't be.

    As for your height and weight, you are the average. The average SEAL is 5'10 and 175lbs. So at 5'9 and 180lbs, you are just where you need to be.

    Good Luck.

    P.S. Become a better swimmer. Decent doesn't cut it.

    Source(s): Former Marine
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    Well m no way really to tell now if you are right for Special Forces.

    Just keep working at getting in shape, and do well in school.

    Your sit ups are good, but you need to get your push ups up !!!!

    Also, start running...A LOT....

    you have time cannot join the Army till you are 17 with parental consent, and you cannot try out for Special Forces until you are 20.

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    While your sit ups are good you do need to improve on your push-ups. Get online and look up the PT standards for your age bracket. To get ready physically you need to be able to do at least 80 percent in the 18-21 age catagory. The training is just as much physical as it is mental. I have had a couple friends go out for SF and this is what they told me.

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    Alot of it comes down to your commitment. Theres physically fit guys that don't make it just because its a huge commitment. The pipeline is like over a year long. I would work on improving your push ups though and dont forget pull ups

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    In any branch of the military, the mental part is easily as important as the physical.

    Persistence, the ability to obey orders, willingness to push oneself but still work within

    a team are probably just as important as how much you weigh, your shoulder-to-waist-to-hip

    ratio, and how many situps you can crank out.

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    Only people right for SF are the ones that can run like a cheetah, react like a cat, swim like a fish, and kill like a bear

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    Won't know till you try. Olympic swimmers have failed ocean swims at SEAL training, there really is no way to predict who will make it.

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    yes guaranteed in!!! I even see a future Medal of Honor in you!!!

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