Why doesn't my speakers work?

This is my problem.I unplugged my speakers two weeks ago,and plugged them in today just like they were before,but they are not working,the green power light is not glowing and my speakers dont work.

I dont know if sombody is reading this or not but i will be gratefull for your help.

Sorry about my bad english,I am trying :/

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  • 10 years ago
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    Why doesn't my speakers work?

    1:: check your hardware, is it recognized by your PC? open up device manager..., if it's not installed, install... and make sure the speaker tray icon in your taskbar didn't crossed (disabled), and check whether they are muted or not...

    2:: plug speaker at the correct port, they were 3 port with same size and side a side, make sure you plug in at the correct port

    3:: open up control panel, sounds and audio devices, at audio tab make sure your sound playback device is correct... choose another device if it's not the correct device

    4:: scan your computer for viruses,


  • 4 years ago

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