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How do Christians explain the fact that god is either incompetent or evil (please read the entire question)?

According to Christianity, god is perfect and without sin -- because sin is the fault of man. But this is impossible, given four simple axioms that Christians cannot refute without completely contradicting themselves and their entire religion:

Fact #1:

God created Satan before he created man. Satan later rebelled against God, in the process deceiving Man to also disobey God (via the snake). Is this Man's fault?

Fact #2:

It cannot possibly be, since Satan caused Man to sin. Then it must be Satan's fault, right?...

Fact #3a:

But If God gave Satan free will, Satan would not rebel against God unless god designed Satan imperfectly.

Fact #3b:

But if God did *not* give Satan free will, then God himself bears all responsibility for evil, since Satan was god's own puppet for carrying out the "forbidden fruit" scenario out to its planned completion.

As such, the Christian god utterly checkmates his own 'holy' image in the creation story. So how can it be that Christians are completely unable to understand that their imperfect demigod is directly accountable for the human condition, since it is IMPOSSIBLE that Man is responsible?


@Dongman - Strike 1: Read axiom 3a again.

Update 2:

@Illuminator - Read axiom #2: Who *caused* the child to put their hand into the cookie jar in the first place?

Follow your logic to its conclusion and you'll have your answer.

Update 3:

@Vincent - Best answer so far, in proving that your god is malevolent and evil.

Cute kitty, by the way.

Update 4:

@Bladesinger - Thanks, but ask yourself this: What 'perfect' being would be so insecure and lonely?

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    Fact #3b is a very good point that I have not heard nor read about before. Instant star.

    And to answer, they can't explain it. Religion was invented to control people.

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    To answer Alex, God made satan to punish people. Ouch. So God knew people would need to be punished, so he did set it all up.

    So God was perfect and in his perfection he purposely created imperfection which he then presided over as judge and executioner. Why would a perfect being do that? The very act suggests imperfection, a desire to have something to preside over is surely an imperfection.

    To answer someone else is not coveting love even through free will a sign of imperfection; what does a perfect being need or even want with love?

    Like wise, desiring pleasure, and satisfying said need for pleasure by setting up a world like this, surely another sign of imperfection.

    Interesting thought if an eternity of perfection drove god to create this Earth purely for his own pleasure (some would say sick amusement) what is it going to do all those with an eternity in heaven?

    I feel the old fall back coming on "god works in mysterious ways"...

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    God knows the begining from the end. God has a purpose in mind for the end from the begining.

    It is not for us to understand everything about God, I learned long ago that if I focus on what I do understand and perfect those things I get, then God answers the next question and almost always the sincere questions I have have or come up with in studying God answers. So if this is a seriou question Take it to God, He is faithful and will answer you. but if you are just asking to be a wack nut and mock the Lord and christians then you will stay in the dark

    Fact #1:


    Fact #2:


    Fact #3a:


    Fact #3b:


    God wants free will and wants us to willingly love him... He has angels that have no free will, but wants to be loved by choice... I think we can all understand that. Robot love or love by choice.

    but hey those are all guesses :) I could be wrong

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    What you just did is what satan did, he questioned and rebelled against God wanting to be like or above him. When you judge God you are in essence positioning yourself above him. That being said here's some info for you to consider.

    God is holy and perfect, but humankind is still responsible since we have free will. This will never change. Also, He made humankind and satan knowing beforehand what would happen. So the real question for anybody is not whether we agree with it or not, rather it's a question of what are you going to do about it?

    He has given you a choice of either salvation or eternal, spiritual death. Adam, Eve, and the devil have already made their choice and cannot be reversed. What will you choose?

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  • God created all things for His pleasure (revelation 4:11). God could receive no pleasure from His children if they were robots who were forced to love Him. Therefore, He gave us free will. That way, when we choose on our own free will to love and serve Him, it pleases Him greatly, and He begins to bless us. Satan chose to stop loving God at some point, and instead, try to take God's throne (see Ezekiel 28 where Satan is called 'king / prince of Tyre').

    Also, the serpent of Genesis 3 was not a snake. It was Satan (revelation 12:9). Satan's appearance is recorded in Ezekiel 28 as "perfect in beauty". Don't be deceived. The serpent has seed (Genesis 3:15). Eve wasn't ashamed of nakedness for eating "an apple". She was ashamed because she lost her virginity and her belly begin to expand. Cain was Satan's child. Cain was the first murderer. Cain's seed is alive and well today, many claiming to be God's chosen people. They are liars ! (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, John 8:44, Matthew 13:38, 1st John 3)

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    Generally, Christians do not attribute evil to God out of a sense of piety toward God. To that extent I agree with them. But if you compare Samuel to Chronicles you will find the answer. The ancient Essenes had a saying that went "all things are best ascribed to God". Meaning that even evil was "best ascribed to God". I happen to hold to that belief. There is nothing that happens apart from God. However, Samuel generally attributes evil to Satan. If we look to one example that illustrates the two: 1Ch 21:1 And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel. 2Sa 24:1 ¶ And again the anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel, and he moved David against them to say, Go, number Israel and Judah. So in one account God moves David to number ISrael, but in the other account Satan provokes David to number Israel. But there is no contradiction. The same account is given according to two different perspectives. Some Christians choose the perspective of the writers of Chronicles, some others may choose the perspective of the writers of Samuel. In the end, I believe that "all things are best ascribed to God".

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    It's guys like you that make this site worthwhile. very good Q.

    The very short answer is God wants a family of BILLIONS of children. Not flesh and blood people as we presently are but eternal spirit beings that He can share the whole of His creation with.

    But we have to FREELY choose His way of doing things and adopt His ways of perfect love. We cannot comprehend that until we have something to compare it too. So our present physical lives are lived in a world that has turned its back on Him and we experience the consequences day in and day out and we deeply desire something better.

    A FEW will learn those ways now, in this lifetime. Most will not. They will get their chance in their second life: The Bible calls that period the Last Great Day.

    So yes, this world is one huge testing ground for the whole of humanity. Stage two is coming to an end (stage one was the angelic rebellion), stage three is Christ coming back to set up the Kingdom of God on earth.

    We DO have choices, just as Satan did. It's all been designed. It's intricate, beautiful, amazing and a billion years from now we'll still be talking about it...

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    I personally believe there is no satan

    I believe in hell, I don't believe that you will go there just from not believing.

    I think that the story's like Adam and Eve were made up to teach us morals

    the world was perfect (garden of Eden) but man was imperfect and caused the world to become the evil place it is today

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    Well, first all, the Bible does say God is all things, He does bring evil right along with good.... As to why ? Because that is who He is as an ALL being...... He created evil, good, and everything in between... What is so hard to understand ? He being the ONLY God, the ONLY creator then it stands to reason that ALL things are made by, of and for HIm.... Nothing is done, said, etc., with out His knowledge or permission... So, none of your arguments, ideas or conclusions make much difference ...... If you don't believe in God then you won't see or know Him for who or what He is... If you do, such as I do, then you accept Him as the I AM, the complete and only deity of creation...... *shrug*..... no sugar coating, no excuses, no explanations , no justifications, etc., for there are none, but one, and that is, like I said, He is the creator of ALL...... go in peace.... God bless

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    If a child gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar when they are not supposed to, is it the parents fault for producing the child? This simple logic refutes your false presumption of who is responsible for the empty jar or a sick tummy.

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