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Breezy asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 1 decade ago

how do you file a class action lawsuit?

and whos responsible for all the legal fees

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    1 decade ago
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    Class action lawsuit are difficult to file. They are also generally a rip off and the only person who wins is the attorney and the company being sued.

    Their are big law firms that do class action lawsuits. You wont find a small one that will try to do it because they are extremely expensive. You've got to send out thousands of pieces of mail to everyone who would be involved and so on.

    You might search to see if their is an existing class action lawsuit that you can join. You might also search to see if there has already been one and there is a settlement. Generally the law firms that that represent the "class" take the majority of the settlement.

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    You DON'T file a class action lawsuit. You, and several other members of the class file INDIVIDUAL lawsuits and the attorneys petition the court to consolidate the cases into a class action. In general, the plaintiff's attorneys in such a case are paid as part of the settlement. This normally means the attorneys get a few million and each member of the class gets less than $100.

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