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Can schools give punishents to students that "support" other schools?

The new girl at my school wore a t-shirt from her old school during her second week and she got suspended for it. The school she came from was just a few towns over and her old school and my school don't even play each other for sports or anything. And also, last week a kid got AEP for saying that the football team sucked (which they did considering that they haven't one a game in FOREVER!)

Can schools do that?

P.S. If this helps any, it's a VERY small school. I'm in 8th grade and there are only 22 students my grade.


And her shirt was just a band shirt. It said "_____ Middle School Band"

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  • 10 years ago
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    NOOOOOOO ! my friend was in that same situation too but she wasnt suspended ! they dont have a right to do that . . . unless its CLEARLY stated in your school`s protocol that THAT action is prohibited . . .

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  • 10 years ago

    No - this is not a good enough reason for a suspension. If you have a school uniform then it may be becuase she wasnt wearing the correct uniform, and to be honest why would you wear another schools T-shirt at your school weird if you ask me. But no they should have just sent you home for the day.

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