I disagree with churches todays world is the worst era in history, having seen 90 years? Opinions?

I am a 90 year old male from Idaho. I am a born again Christian and believe in the Lord. I go to church and pray and believe in moral values. But I just strongly disagree with most churches teachings that today's world is the worst era and everything is a sign of the end.

I personally feel 2010 is a much better year to live in than say 1930 was when I was 10 years old. The whole time I was a teenager, jobs were hard to come by, you had very little rights on the jobs, and there was so much more pain and hardship then in the United States than now. I remember then we looked at people who lived 70 years old to be amazingly old, today its nothing to live to 70 hardly. I never honestly dreamed I would live as long as I have and still be in good health.

I have in my lifetime heard about hundreds of earthquakes, floods, wars, diseases, and famines. I have followed the news strongly and I disagree they have increased as churches popularly teach. If anything the only reason you hear more about them now is because more people follow the worldwide news than they did say 100 years ago.

I honestly hate to go against a churches teachings but personal experience tells me they are wrong. The world is much more comfortable, safer, and more changes of prospering in the long run in 2010 than it was say in 1930 or 1900. There is much more advancements, blacks and minorities have better changes of successing, and women are treated with dignity and respect and not just a second class citizen today.

Agreements or opinions? I would love to hear others views. Thank you.


Fireball, I can agree somewhat selfisheness and self pride is worse now. Also the world has declined morally in many eras, but in general chances of success and comfort as still much higher now than they were then.

Update 2:

You cant run forever, I didnt say history was my life story. I am aware there was millions of years before me. I am talking from personaly what I have seen. The world when I was a child was much harder and more suffering than the world of today.

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    My father is only a few years younger than you, and is old enough to tell me about the poverty that was endemic in British cities in the 1930s. He frequently talks of the suffering his generation endured during World War 2. I myself am old enough to remember the cold war. I grew up with - at the back of my mind - the certainty that sooner or later I would die in a nuclear firestorm.

    Today the only thing people seem to worry about is whether or not they can afford the latest iPod. That might not be a spiritual advancement but nobody here is going without food or shoes or dying of TB or rickets.

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    Definitely the conditions of living have improved greatly the last hundred years. Women have been mon more independence than before, minorities are more free than before, men's health have improved greatly and this is just seen by the number of old people alive today. Advances in technology has improved the welfare of people world wide. It has also created more jobs than there were before. It has created more humane living conditions than it was before. Jesus when talking about the future said "You will hear of walls and rumours of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed,. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and Kingdom against kingdom. There will will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains."

    The churches are not preaching anything new, but what was foretold was going to happen. And he continues "And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come, ...At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceice many people. Because of the incease in wicknedness, the love of many will grow cold" .

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    My dear little Sam, "Kayfabe" died a long time ago back in the mid-90s(12/15/97) when Vince McMahon himself announced to the entire world that everything prior to the Attitude Era was is fake.Nowadays,we,the fans,expect everything to be "real" or,at least,realistic as possible.This is why the last Die Hard and Rambo films didn't do so well.People didn't like the idea of "one man saves the world" films anymore.They think it's impossible.This is also why reality shows are popular (even though they are scripted as well).Zombie films are also popular due to the fact that some people honestly believe that Zombies can actually exist (face palm). So is to blame? I blame Vince McMahon and Dave Meltzer and both of their big mouths. Sincerely, The Chicago Knight

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    I would say that I do have it easier than my grandparent's generation..My grandmother and grandfather both left Ireland at a young age to find a better life in America and never saw their parents again - and many of their siblings. They had to work extremely hard and still didn't have all the fancy things in life..not that we need fancy things - they got by on the basics. And back then many medications and treatments were not available..so families lost loved ones at early ages. We do have a lot more now then that generation. I do think that there is still a lot of stress and pressure today of course..years ago someone would get a job at a company and would work hard and stay through retirement..but now..there is no job security no matter how loyal you are to a company or how hard you work..

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    wow i am surprised at your outlook, but i am pleased that someone your age has a postive outlook on what our life is like today, you are completely right! women, men, disabled people have more rights and technology. we may be in resecession and we may still have to work hard and earn money for a living but atleast its better than living with nothing.

    I am surprised because mainly, oelderly people do not think like you... they complain and say how simple and easy their life once was and they really do not talk postivitely about young people or technology. right now we have so much in the world and sometimes teachings in church can make you think.

    However I am roman catholic and the teachings and sermons in my church mainly revolve around appreciating what we have and still trying to live by the ten commandments. Also there is this one priest who gives wonderful sermons in church, because he connects them with real stories and experiences and he always has a moral in them...he is a young father, but he really gets the message accross to those listening. In my church they always say that throughout wars, famines, and other bad things going on in the world you have to pray and thank God for everything you have.

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    The door to apostasy was opened in 1998 give or take a few years. And because our population is growing exponentially, our problems with resources have multiplied, and there's no getting around it that we have to conserve energy even more, and fix the devastation industry has put on the environment. It is past the point of being able to heal itself.

    When my grandmother was young, the rivers were crystal clear, you could drink out of them and swim without fear. Now they are brown and muddied because of demanding farming practices, (plowing right up to the river bank)....a practice that was abandoned when my father was a kid (he's 88 now), and the rivers are still muddy!

    The water is not recovering, there is more chemicals and even estrogen is found in the fish, they are not multiplying because there are no males.

    I could go on. I've seen lots of good changes, but I am not blind to the negative influences which have multiplied.

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    You may be correct as far as what is happening in the United States or other industrialized nations, but the Bible is speaking of the whole world. There is no denying history and the facts. The facts prove that things are worse in the world as a whole. I know many people in your age group and they strongly disagree with your view.

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    I bet you could really answer a whole lot of questions!

    I know many things are easier today then they were back in the 30's, 50's and even the 80's, but that doesn't IMO make them better or worst then today. I think morality is worse today. In my life time, I believe morality has gotten worse, and the Church has given in to pressure. But not all churches!

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    I appreciate that you've notice the obvious -- that today's world isn't the "doom and gloom" that many churches make it out to be, and it is in fact much better in most ways than it has ever been. Of course we have problems, but that's nothing new :)

    Keep in mind that the churches that claim the world is such a horrible place are mainly doing so for two reasons: they *want* "the end" to come, and they feel that making their members fear an imminent end will help keep them in line. Neither seems particularly in line with what bible jesus taught.


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    You mentioned financial hardships of the post depression era. Financial and material things are not blessings from God. Peace and love in our hearts are blessings. We not only condone gays, but gay women priests are marrying gays in their "churches of God". Gay bishops are molesting altar boys. God has been legally kicked out of public schools and public places. It is illegal to post the ten commandments in a public place. It is legal for a woman to murder her unborn child in several states. We do not look to God for guidance, but a government of men. Witchcraft is accepted as benevolent, and many think that they are doing God's work by pursuing "white" magic. Satanic cults can get tax breaks under the 501ce laws. And have every leagal right to build a temple right next to yours. At least teh sodomites knew that what they were doing was wickedness. The ones who do the same things these days have the support of our government to do those things.

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