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Delta or United/Continental?

I am a UA1P right now, but in 2011, I have to get 120,000 miles to become UA1K, but I have some Membership Rewards from American Express that I can just transfer and get bonus miles for converting to Delta (probably become Delta Medallion Platinum just with my current points)...

but I have never flown with Delta in my life... so I'm really debating on it.

Thank you for your suggestions

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    I usually fly Delta as that airline has the most flights from where I live but I have flown United a number of times as well. Both airlines have comparable service and I would go with the airline that offers the most flights from where you live. If you have not had any issues with United, just stick with them.

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    i have flown delta many times in my life. it is a very good alrline with good serive, a couple of tvs, and is pretty comfortable. i really like delta so i would reccomend it to you. but i have never flown united or continental so i couldnt compare the two but i really reccomend Delta.

    Hope this helps!

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    Go with the airline which gives you the best schedule and price. There really is not a lot of difference between any of the main US airlines. Non of them score above three stars from Skytrax ( Go with the one which gives the best deal for you

    Source(s): Ten to twelve long and short haul flights a year
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    I've found that whatever airline has a hub at your home airport generally has the best service out of there: for me that's Continental.

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