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Alpha thalassemia / PVC's?

Hey, well last year around July I started getting skipped beats (or PVC's), so I had a blood test and it came back that my iron was low. So I believed that was the cause of the PVC's because especially because by jan/feb of this year they stopped after taking iron tablets and I get them some now and then but rarely but when they kind of started occurring again I thought maybe the iron deficiency was back but my dr suggested it wasn’t iron deficiency. I also feel ever so light headed now and then especially as the cold weather has kicked in; I don’t know if that is off topic.

So two weeks ago I had a blood test and it isn’t confirmed I have "probable alpha thalassemia trait". My dr says it’s harmless but causes mild anaemia and in fact I don’t have iron deficiency.

Does anyone have the same trait? Is it really harmless? Are there anyways to treat mild anaemia without tablets? Could that be reasons for PVC’s now and then? I’m 21, of Indian origin and I guess I’m not the healthiest of male and massive tea drinker.

Thanks 

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    Thalassemia could be extremely severse, Alpha thalassemia minor is prbly the lightest u could get. People with severe thalassemia have no cure and have to continue taking iron tablets and they are almost 24/7 exhausted and with cold/numb extremities. So if i were u i would thank God. There is no "full" cure to the problem, but since ur a minor alpha it is possible through blood transfusions and iron removal. This anyway means that u are missing exactly two genes for the alpha globin protein, its prbly each of ur prnts is missing one gene n u got the real ****, or maybe one of ur prnts had ur same thing n u took it, if u were missing three genes u wud be in deep ****. there r four levels of severity and ur on level 2, mild anemia. so its no big deal having a problem with chromosome 16.

    HOWEVER, as i said before since u got the alpha minor one, u require some or no treatment, what the doctor cud possibly do is, blood transfusions, iron chelation, and folic acid supplements. i wont go thru the details but ill explain them a bit deeper.

    Since the whole problem lies in ur hemoglobin, hence ur RBCs (red blood cells) u need new RBCs, so by blood transfusions they give u fresh new blood, but the only problem is that those cells have a life of 120 days, so u gotta make a new transfusion every 120 days. thus, its not a cure. but usually they only do that for major beta, which is the worst, theres a 10% chance that the doctor would do that to u if not less. but usually if u take blood transfusions every 120 days ur gonna have an iron build up, cuz its alotta RBCs injected, so ull have excess iron which will damage the heart n livern all, so this leads up to the iron chelation that they remove the extra iron u got. if u dont want the therapy there is some pills such as..umm i dont remember the name but i think it was deferoxamine. theres also folic acid that helps build new fresh RBCs in ur body. its just a fancy way of saying vitamine B. okay now ive discussed the... treatment not the cure. the ACTUAL cure which is "highly" unlikely to happen for u since ur having amild anemia and rly no one wud spend so much money for just a minor alpha thalassemia. it is basically a blood marrow transplant, now as u can see, ur missing some genes here buddy, which means ur dna has errors and this means ur blood marrow that produces the actual red blood cells is faulty, so if u geta blood and marrow stem cell transplant from some donor and "pay them cash lol" they'll give u new "producers" for the cells after the surgery and tht makes u normal again. becuz as i said before its ur dna, i mean the whole problem is that ur rbcs cant hold much oxygen in them this makes ur muscle tissues get less oxygen and thus u get tired and light headed... but i talking abt 100 grants to 250 grants here, no kidding. insurance companies will only pay if u need it n its rly hard without it but ur just having a minor one, so unless ur bill gatin i wud recommend wasting a quarter of a million for it...and even if u do it, ur kids'll still get that genes by 25% chance, cuz ur changin ur bone marrow not ur DNA... oh woah talked alot today, sorry ma bad i just havent diagnosed in a while.. miss the job, take care =) good luck with whatever u decide to do, but i wud suggest telling ur doctor abt tea, cuz it all depends on ur results, if ur not missing iron, tea has ALOT of iron, u dont want a build over, it causes severe damage.. so ya.. hope i helped

    Source(s): Soon to be a cardiologist =)
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