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? asked in SportsBoxing · 10 years ago

Do you think guys like Roy Jones, James Toney and Bernard Hopkins are ruining boxing today?

Hear or read this. These old men that none wants to see them fighting today, still get opportunities that tons of other young worthy boxers don't, only because they used to be big names 15 years ago and what's more humiliating for them and the sport, is the fact that they keep challenging young guns as Pascal, Adamek, Bute etc and the fans (specially the racist American ones) what they do?

A) In case the young gun fights and wins, shame on him cause he fought in the first place such an aged past his prime man.

B)In case the young prime fighter NORMALLY decline such fight with an old grandpa : Shame on him for "ducking" the so called "legends" (The racist ones specially who claim that Klitschkos duck Holyfield (LMAO) or Toney (LMAO)

C) If the young guy fights and loses , then the old American is a LEGEND and the young guy a nobody who got exposed (not if his name is Paul Williams or Chad Dawson though, you know what i am saying) etc etc

So basically guys like these old overrated peeps Toney, Hopkins, Roy Jones have nothing to lose but only to gain and they are being an obstacle for the legacies of young worthy fighters out there!

Your thoughts?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    I do think RJJ and Toney are ruining the sport, but I can see Hopkins winning against Pascal. Now don't thumbs me down just yet, I think this because of the styles of both fighters. Hopkins will clinch Pascal every time he tries one of those off the rope flurries and he would do great in-side work. Banging the body and head. I think Hopkins might beat Pascal up like he did Pavlik.

    Now back to your question, Guys like Jones, Toney, and especially Holyfield need their licenses revoked! The get knocked out on a daily basses and their fights are snore fests! These guys can get seriously hurt and they need to move on so guys like Bute, Ward, etc can get the spot light.

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  • 4 years ago

    i do no longer think of Toney is able to having down even to a hundred ninety for a cruiserweight combat with the two of those adult adult males - his skills nonetheless make him a venture of any heavyweight, yet his struggles with conditioning positioned him out of the working for the form of "legends" matchup. regardless of if Hopkins or RJJ have been to fulfill him around 2 hundred, they might purely be too rapid for him at this factor. He extremely has enable weight earnings harm his reflexes and quickness, he can get by against plodding giants, in spite of the undeniable fact that it would be uncovered by energetic, and in good shape adult adult males like Hopkins and Jones. jointly as I do rank Toney forward of Hopkins all-time in terms of skill and ability, the top of Toney's occupation has no longer completed all that plenty to augment his status.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    james toney?


    he went into mma, talked Sh#T and got owned by randy couture, who know completley sucks and is 47. randy pulled out a choke against a gassed, and out of shape and ex roid machine mark coleman. while mark coleman used to be an animal age, and years of abuse have taken its toll

    also couture didnt win that vera fight

    he won because of his name, and all he did was wall and stall and clinch

    hopkins? no way he;s a legend

    roy jones? a young roy jones was so dope to watch

    speed, power, accuracy,

    but honestly they all need to retire

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