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Does diabetes make you skinny? I want diabetes...?

I had a friend that had diabetes, although she was very skinny..

How do i get diabetes? , im fat and i want to be skinny.

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    What a very idiotic question.

    Diabetes is very serious, and could possibly be very fatal if not cared for.

    My best friend has diabetes and she has to get insulin shots 3 times a day. Even if she misses as much as one shot, she starts to get very sick.

    I think if you want to be skinny, get some exercise and eat right.

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    Yes it is one of the symptoms of diabetes. I am diabetic and if handled correctly it should never cause you to get skinny. If you want to get skinny via diabetes it will take months of constant hyperglycemia which could easily lead to things like strokes and amputations. YOU DO NOT WANT DIABETES. If you have a friend with diabetes I would think you would know how serious it is.

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    Diabetes is bad.

    Diabetes is a curse. Believe me, feel blessed if you are not diabetic and more blessed if none of your parents are diabetics. Diabetes is hard to live with.

    Diabetes is a serious disease.

    You are concerned only with weight??

    Unmonitored diabetes deteriorates your eyesight, skin, memory....

    Work out hard if you want to lose weight. Get into strength/weight training. Run. But do not starve yourself. Skinny is unappealing.

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    Don't be mad, already this universe in in diabetes epidemic and trying to stop it (diabetes).

    Diabetes mellitus is a chronic and complex disease, which can affect the entire body. Diabetes is caused by having too much glucose (sugar) in the blood.

    People with diabetes are at a high risk of heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney disease, loss of a toe or foot, and erectile dysfunction. But can be avoided by strict diabetes care.

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