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Who was the braves starting catcher before Brian McCann ?

I can't remember it, just getting on my nerves

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    The three most recent prior to the rise of McCann were Lopez, Estrada and Perez. Lopez was a power hitter (he has the single season record for hr by a catcher) Perez was a veteran who was towards the end of his career and Estada was a young kid with a sort of odd looking batting stance. He seemed to be pretty good but i think they traded him and he soon fell out of the major leagues. Hope i helped

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    Braves Catcher

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    I believe it was Johnny Estrada. He played for the Braves in 2003, 2004, and 2005. Brian McCann made his major league debut in 2005 but was the backup.

  • Johnny Estrada was the most recent catcher.

    Eddie Perez was the backup for Javy Lopez, and a fill in until they could get a better catcher for games when Lopez became a free agent.

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    Johnny Estrada

    Most people don't know this but he actualy made it the All Star game in 2004

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    You ever think to Google it?

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    ...still don't know how to use the internet, try and go to ATL.

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