What are the limits of mind-reading?

Hypothetically, of course. For example, if someone is thinking in another language, or if they are thinking about a complex concept or skill you haven't learned (say, parabolic equations or gymnastics), would your ability to read their mind be rendered worthless?

Say you were in a fight - would the stream of the other person's thoughts become distracting? If they noticed your ribs were vulnerable and were highly trained enough to strike there without thinking about the exact move, would you be able to defend yourself?

If you were helpless (say, being tortured) would knowing exactly what was coming be useful or make it more terrifying?

Would reading someone's mind while they did something requiring a lot of training make you able to do that skill without them ever telling you or you even seeing how to do it?

Is it something you would have to direct your attention to, like picking out a single conversation in a crowded cafe, or would you just take it all in, like seeing?

Could you only read what they were thinking at the time?

Could you mind-read through a computer or TV screen?

Sorry I've raised so many questions for the price of one, but these kind of particulars never seem to be addressed when talk of mind-reading pops up.


I'm not trying to learn mind-reading. That would be a waste of time. It's more in the interests of establish realistic barriers for a fictional character's ability... hmm, maybe this is in the wrong section...

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    you can read this free, scanned ebook text called practical mind reading, by william walker atkinson, @ http://www.scribd.com/doc/398675/William-Walker-At...

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    Hypothetically, we can explain mind-reading using quantum mechanics and the device doing the reading. Don't put too much thought in it till your connection with the Universe has reached a point where you know what is going on, and you also have it happen to commonly. I think as we are, we don't have the ability to decipher what is and isn't worth reading, or what will and won't be read, outside of the two factors causing the particle interferences. If you don't believe me, then you just aren't connected with the same information. ;)

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    the limits are that its not real

    its like asking what the draw backs are in attending Hog warts school for wizards

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    dream interpretation(precognition) and body language(mind reading) here knock yourself out with this awesome psychology website.

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