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How do I quit smoking when pregnant?

I just entered my second trimester and I have been smoking around half a pack or less a day. (ten cigarettes or less) Am I going to miscarry since I still smoke and sometimes slip up and smoke a few more than 10 (the highest is 15)? I'm extremely paranoid about it but I can't quit. I have only been smoking for around 4 or 5 years but it drives me insane and I just feel like I need a cigarette. Is there an easy way to quit when I've tried cold turkey and turn literally psychotic? I can't do the patch or gum bc of the baby but I have a very stressful job and smoking helps calm my nerves. Or am I safe from miscarrying since I'm already 16 weeks and the baby from the tests and stuff the docs have done is normal and healthy? I know when you smoke a miscarriage is still possible all the way to full term but how likely is it? I eat healthy, follow all other guidelines, take it easy physically, listen to my body, and I don't do drugs or drink. The only nonhealthy thing I do is smoke. Could those things be in my favor?


My mom smoked when she was pregnant with me and I am hyper but one of the healthiest babies the doc had delivered. I know a lot of women who smoked while preg. and they cut back like I did and delivered perfectly healthy babies. I cut back from a full pack to a half the Day I found out I was pregnant. I just have a lot of stress and I'm a stress smoker.

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    My friend took chantex or however its spelled during her pregnancy prescribed by her obgyn. Maybe you could try that all it does is blocks the nicotine receptors in your brain so that they dont realize they are not getting nicotine. Im pretty sure you are safe from miscarrying but there are alot of other things to consider such as a premature baby, low birth weight, still born child, placenta abruption your child may be more likely to have allergies or asthama. My sister smoked during her pregnancy and she had placenta abruption at 30 weeks resulting in a premature baby. Placenta abrution can be deadly for both mother and child. I understand how hard it is to quit I began smoking at a very young age and quit just a month before I got pregnant. After she was born I began smoking once again and quit just a month before getting pregnant with my second child. It IS hard. And harder for some people than others but I must say. YOU CAN DO IT! And once you do you will feel sooo much better. I quit cold turkey. My father always said it takes 3 days to create a habbit and 21 days to quit that habbit. So I'll just say this I believe you can do it.

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    It is very difficult to quit smoking despite what some people might think. I smoked from the time I was 15 - 24. I am now 48 so I have been smoke-free for quite a while. I was a smoker before I got pregnant. When we decided we wanted to start a family, I slowly starting cutting back on the amount I smoked. For me it was important to start by stopping the "routine smoking". By that I mean, I always had to have a cigarette when I first got up, or after I ate, etc. I gave those up first. I then limited myself to only so many a day. Over time, I was able to gradually quit entirely before I did get pregnant. It is better that you quit at any point in your life than not to quit at all. So good for you for at least trying -- whether you are pregnant or not. Good luck to you and your new baby!

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    Do yourself the favor and quit smoking now. Do some research on the effects of smoking on the fetus while in utero and after birth. There are far too many risks for smoking to be considered beneficial. The baby is deprived of oxygen every time you smoke a cigarette which can cause problems with growth and brain development. The baby will likely be born with asthma, or develop asthma shortly after birth, especially if you continue to smoke around the baby after the baby is born. The child is also likely to be allergic to more things completely unrelated such as carrots for instance because of smoking. A low birth weight is likely, the possibility or pre-term labor, possibility of the baby having to be in the NICU because of small birth weight and pre-term delivery. There is also an increased risk of SIDS until the baby is 1 year old. Your worried about miscarriage but how would you feel if your baby dies from SIDS and they attributed it to your smoking? Think about all of this the next time you even have an inkling of a though about smoking a cigarette.

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    Find a photo of what the baby looks like for example a picture of a 16 week old fetus and tape it to your pack of cigarettes. That way you are reminded not to smoke. But you have to be 100 percent ready to quit smoking in order for you to be able to do it. It is HARD! I struggled to be honest but I was able to quit cold turkey. The first three days were no joke. I was crabby and on edge but after that three day hump I was fine. Now I will crave a smoke every once in a while but its never a bad enough crave to make me go smoke since I do not want to have to quit again. But just don't be too hard on yourself and give cold turkey quitting a try because that is the only way I was able to quit. The gum and patches did nothing for me but annoy me.

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    you wont miscarry if you continue to smoke(hopefully), but it can cause health problems for your baby. it is a risk that you'll miscarry, but i really dont think its too common.

    i smoked when i got pregnant, and i just gradually cut back. i went from a pack a day to a half pack a day by smoking only halfs every time i went out for a smoke. then i ended up cutting back to four smokes a day. next thing i knew, i looked back and realized i hadnt had a smoke yet that day and i decided to just keep going. i slipped up a couple times and had a drag off a smoke a few times... but i havent smoked since 12 weeks... at most.

    it is possible to quit while pregnant, you just need to find the best way to quit for you.

    i found cutting back worked really well. i wouldnt have been able to quit had i not been pregnant though... i just thought of how i didnt want my baby to end up with asthma like me haha.

    editt--- another thing that helped me quit... was when i looked at other pregnant women smoking... and how stupid they look. i really cant believe how someone can look SOOO stupid. i didnt want to be one of those stupid looking pregnant girls who's walking around puffing on a cigarette.

  • you dont want to go off could turkey cause it can cause withdrawls for the baby and that isnt good.

    if your at 10 right now then start every day lowering the amount you smoke until you dont smoke any what so ever.

    the best way to do this is to get rid of all the cigerettes except for your allowed number for that single day and give them to your babys dad or someone else that lives with you and each day they give you your days amount

    tomorrow being day 1 you smoke 9

    the next day only 8

    then next 7 and lower it by once cigerette each day until you dont smoke any

    you will start wanting one but you must think about your babys health

    my mom smoked her entire pregnnacy i think she said about 12-15 a day and i have lots of breathing issues. i cant run worth crap though im a pretty thin girl and i am in shape i just cant do things for long periods of time because my lungs feel like they are going to die. i have never smoked a cigerette in my entire life ( im 24) and ive never done drugs and only drank a couple wine coolers over a few months so i should be really healthy but i have always had problems breathing. feeling like im going to die cause i cant breath when i had to do running tests in school.

    think about your baby please and stop smoking

    Source(s): edit: that is perfect. go to walgreens and scan your ultrasound picture. they have an option on the kodak scanner printer thing to make 4 wallet size pictures that prints on a 4x6 photo that you cut into 4 small pictures. and you can add text. put something on the picture that says " MOMMY, KEEP ME HEALTHY" on the top and 'DONT SMOKE" on the bottom and put one in the front and one in the back of your pack so no matter what side you look at you will see your baby on it. dont be selfish and continue to smoke. the one part about becoming a mom is that nothing is about you any more and everything is about your kids. and thats the best feeling in the world to know you do everything in your power to raise your kids the best you can including starting them off to a healthy start
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    wow some people are harsh here

    look darl try to cut down to atleast 5 a day and for everyones information doctors dont advise to quit but to cut down since it could cause the baby stress and lead to miscarriage how do i know this been a smoker my self & pregnant even midwives advise against it if you have been a smoker for awhile ...

    being a smoker myself i had two healthy babies my first i never smoked with and he ended up with ashtma my other two were 6 pounds when born which i think was due to me smoking & my eldest was 8 pound4 so it does give low birth weight

    so try to cut down as much as you can smoking is an addiction & you cant just snap your fingers and that be it your cured

    goodluck & bestwishes and congrats on bub :)

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    You really just have to quit for the baby. I know its harder when you know someone that smoked through pregnancy and the baby came out fine, but the truth is, YOUR baby could end up really messed up. Just because your moms came out ok, doesn't mean yours will. Its not just the risk of miscarrying. It can cause serious birth defects, low birth weight, and preterm labor. You can really ruin the life of your child, and yourself. I managed to quit right before I got pregnant. I know its hard to quit smoking, but sometimes you have to push everything else aside and think about someone else. You have a serious obligation to your child to give it the best, and healthiest chance at life. Go talk to your doctor about "safer" ways to quit at this point. There may be some magical way for you.

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    What helped me quit was picturing my innocent bub inhaling as i inhaled... its not easy but it can be done. Just be tough and get it in your head that it is your baby first now and smoking is not going to beat can and WILL win this battle... its just not worth the risk.If you can't quit for yourself quit for bub. Goodluck ,I know it is hard but you can do this... I did xx

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