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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

What is every single movie that Matt Dillon is in?

I'm like in love with Matt Dillon so any movie he'ss in that you know please tell me .


He was in a movie with the blonde guy from Marley and Me I think Owen Wilson what's that called?

5 Answers

  • Mike S
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    2010 Takers

    Bone Deep [2009] (Working title) Actor [Starring]

    2009 Old Dogs Actor

    2009 Armored Actor [Starring]

    2008 The Project Executive Producer

    2008 Nothing But the Truth Actor [Starring]

    2006 You, Me and Dupree

    Ich, Du Und Der Andere (Original Foreign title) Actor [Starring]

    2006 Saturday Night Live: Matt Dillon [TV] Performer [Starring]

    2006 Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos [doc] Voice

    2006 Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten [doc] Participant

    2006 Dinosaur Jr. [perf] Performer

    2006 ...So Goes the Nation [doc]

    Ohio: An American Vote (Working title) Participant

    2005 Herbie: Fully Loaded Actor [Starring]

    2005 Factotum Actor [Starring]

    2005 Crash Actor [Starring]

    2004 Loverboy Actor [Starring]

    2003 Employee of the Month Actor [Starring]

    2003 Breakfast With Hunter [doc] Interviewee

    2002 Rockets Redglare! [doc] Interviewee

    2002 Deuces Wild Actor

    2002 City of Ghosts

    Beneath the Banyan Trees Screenwriter / Director / Actor [Starring]

    2001 One Night at McCool's Actor [Starring]

    1998 Wild Things Actor [Starring]

    1998 There's Something About Mary Actor [Starring]

    1997 Pitch [doc] Participant

    1997 In & Out Actor [Starring]

    1996 Grace of My Heart Actor [Starring]

    1996 Beautiful Girls Actor [Starring]

    1996 Albino Alligator Actor [Starring]

    1995 To Die For Actor [Starring]

    1995 Frankie Starlight Actor [Starring]

    1994 Golden Gate Actor [Starring]

    1993 The Saint of Fort Washington Actor [Starring]

    1993 Mr. Wonderful Actor [Starring]

    1992 Singles Actor

    1992 Fishing with John [TV Series] Actor [Starring]

    1991 Women and Men: In Love There are No Rules [TV]

    The Art of Seduction [] Women and Men 2 Actor [Starring]

    1991 A Kiss Before Dying Actor [Starring]

    1989 Drugstore Cowboy Actor [Starring]

    1989 Bloodhounds of Broadway Actor [Starring]

    1988 Kansas Actor [Starring]

    1987 The Big Town Actor [Starring]

    1987 Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam [doc] Voice

    1986 Native Son Actor [Starring]

    1985 Target Actor [Starring]

    1985 Rebel Actor [Starring]

    1984 The Flamingo Kid Actor [Starring]

    1983 The Outsiders Actor [Starring]

    1983 Rumble Fish Actor [Starring]

    1982 Wild Rides [doc] Actor

    1982 The Great American Fourth of July and Other Disasters [TV] Actor [Starring]

    1982 Tex Actor [Starring]

    1982 Liar's Moon Actor [Starring]

    1980 My Bodyguard Actor [Starring]

    1980 Little Darlings Actor [Starring]

    1979 Over the Edge Actor [Starring]

  • 5 years ago

    Factotum (2006) Hank ChinaskiLoverboy (2006) MarkYou, Me and Dupree (2006) Carl PetersonCrash (2005) Officer RyanEmployee of the Month (2005) Herbie: totally Loaded (2005) holiday MurphyRockets Redglare! (2004) HimselfBreakfast With Hunter (2003) city of Ghosts (2003) city of Ghosts (2003) JimmyDeuces Wild (2002) Fritzy ZennettiOne evening At Mccool's (2001) RandyThere's something about Mary (1998) Pat HealyWild issues (1998) Sam LombardoAlbino Alligator (1997) DovaIn & Out (1997) Cameron DrakeThe Pitch (1997) HimselfBeautiful females (1996) Tommy "Birdman" RowlandGrace of My heart (1996) Jay PhillipsFrankie Starlight (1995) Terry KloutTo Die For (1995) Larry MarettoGolden Gate (1994) Kevin WalkerMr. outstanding (1993) Gus DeMarcoThe Saint of fort Washington (1993) MatthewMalcolm X (1992) DJ on the Harlem "Y" DanceSingles (1992) Cliff PoncierPrufrock (1991) A Kiss before death (1991) Jonathan CorlissBloodhounds of Broadway (1989) RegretDrugstore Cowboy (1989) Bob HughesDear u . s . of america: Letters homes From Vietnam (1988) Kansas (1988) Doyle KennedyThe large city (1987) J C CullenNative Son (1986) JanRebel (1986) RebelTarget (1985) Chris LloydThe Flamingo newborn (1984) Jeffrey WillisRumble Fish (1983) Rusty JamesThe Outsiders (1983) Dallas WinstonLiar's Moon (1982) Tex (1982) Tex McCormickLittle Darlings (1980) RandyMy Bodyguard (1980) MoodyOver the part (1979) Richie

  • 1 decade ago

    type his name into the wikipedia website. they will have everything

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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  • Dopler
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago


    You, Me, and Dupree

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