Who are some good Jazz musicians?

none of that smooth stuff, I want technical and compositionally dense stuff

I'm primarily looking for guitar, vocalists, and pianists

I'm looking to expand my musical pallet

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    10 years ago
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    Jazz is a difficult music to get into. It's especially hard to dive head first into hard bop or modal jazz. It's just hard to keep track of what's going on.

    Anyways, vocal jazz tends to be more accessible. Since there's lyrics, the singer doesn't play with the melody as much as an instrumentalist might.

    Here's a few great jazz vocalists to get started with:

    Ella Fitzgerald

    Billie Holiday

    Sarah Vaughn

    Dinah Washington

    There's also the greats like Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr... even Lou Rawls (most known for the song "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine") has some phenomenal jazz recordings.

    Here's a few of my favorite jazz guitarists:

    Kenny Burrell

    Mike Stern

    Pat Metheny

    Joe Pass

    Lenny Breau

    John Abercrombie

    John Scofield

    Allan Holdsworth

    Larry Coryell

    Tal Farlow

    Tons of awesome guitarists out there.

    Same goes for pianists:

    Bill Evans

    Art Tatum

    Oscar Peterson

    Dave Brubeck

    Kenny Barron

    Keith Jarrett

    Bud Powell

    McCoy Tyner

    Lennie Tristano

    Herbie Hancock

    Piano is so ubiquitous to jazz music... there's way too many awesome players to mention them all.

    My advice is to simple start listening to stuff and following certain players through their careers. The neat thing about jazz is that it isn't about the "band" working as a single unit as much as it is about a collection of unique musicians all expressing themselves as individuals.

    Think about it. If somebody in some rock or metal band gets replaced, say... Jim Root got replaced in Slipknot. That's really not a big deal, because whatever player they brought in would play what he played just the same. It's not difficult stuff. But Slipknot fans would throw a fit! (I'm not among them) They'd cry in the streets "How could you replace him? He's integral to the band!" but really, he's not.

    But in a jazz band if you replace someone, the impact is much larger, because that person isn't playing a part that is written for them, they're improvising! There's so much more individuality expressed in jazz music, but jazz fans celebrate that! People may be bummed that a player they really liked left the band, but they go on to explore new things, and their replacement hopefully brings something fresh and different to the mix.

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  • 10 years ago

    Umm, lets see

    Saxophone: Charlie Parker

    Trumpet: Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, but i really reccommend Maynard Ferguson

    Trombone:Wycliffe Gordon, John Allred, J.J. Johnson

    Piano: Count Basie, Dave Brubeck

    but if you're looking for some good full band arrangements try Gordon Goodwyn's Big Phat Band, Herbie Hancock or Stan Kenton

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  • 10 years ago

    Well if you want guitar there is a Spanish jazz musician by the name of Marc Antonie (this is NOT Jennifer Lopez's husband).

    Then there is also David Benoit (piano) and Kenny G. (saxophone), but it could be argued that they could potentially fall into the smooth category.

    Hey, they're my favorites, just throwing them out there, you also have the choice not to listen, but you should give them a try, they do grow on you after awhile.

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  • 10 years ago

    I'll give you a few of my current favorites. YouTube is great to use for the other suggestions. Lets you put a face to the music. Also go to Allmusic.com for information, reviews, and samples. They will link you to other artists that have similar styles.

    José James


    Youtube thumbnail

    Lenny Breau


    Youtube thumbnail

    Charlie Hunter


    Youtube thumbnail

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  • 10 years ago

    well, i'll tell you some of my favourite jazz musicians:

    guitarist: lee ritenour,

    pianist : chick corea,

    vocalist: al jarreau

    and i'm suggesting you to listen to Casiopea. They're Japanese band, and they improvisation are one-of-kind...

    here one of their fab video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edc2yVHRHiQ

    Youtube thumbnail

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