Ideas for Date Night Prego MOM, DAD & 10mo CHILD?

Hi & THANK YOU in advance for your time & answers :D Its really appreciated

I was wondering if any of you know of a good idea for a date night.

My husbands & I have a 10 month old & are expecting our second :D.

We usually go out on the boat as a family but the weather is getting too chilly to take our son.

Um I know we could go to the park but like I said its a bit chilly, out & will just get colder

Movies are rulled out.. not a good idea w/ our son

rollerblading - rulled out- pregnancy

umm any ideas...

All I can come up with is Bowling & Dinner

which is just great but I was wondering if you all had any ideas to spice it up :D

Oh yes and the reason I ask about Date night WITH our 10 mo. old son is because we recently moved & live min 4-5 hrs from relatives & I dont feel ready to let someone I barely know watch my child. I know Im going to have to get over it.. but I havent found anyone that would make me feel comfortable... Ive had offers,. but -- dont know them enough :-/

Thank You so much for sharing ANY ADVISE-IDEAS...

have you ever been in this situation before? If not, enjoy date night while you can with no hastle... Im not complaining, but I sure do miss being able to get up and just go wherever - whenever... but there is no price too much to pay for children :D LOVE LOVE LOVE MOTHERHOOD :D

Thank You ALL again for your time & answers

Peace be on you all :D

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    Look for a good baby sitter. Ask at church or other groups you are in.

    Do a search of licensed day home daycare in your area. Many people get into it to take care of their own children (my girlfriend was loosing money at her teaching job with daycare for her twins and got into the business). You can ask who they use for their baby sitters (good ones can be hard to find).

    If your 10 month old is willing to be relatively quiet, you can look for a local "cinema cafe" where they serve food to you at tables during the movie. They tend to be cheap and are more tolerant of a little noise during the movie.

    If your TV is large enough to feel like a movie, consider beefing up the sound system to give you a "theater at home".

    Consider "midnight bowling". Usually done late at night rather than midnight. The lanes turn the lights down and adds colored pins to the mix. If you hit particular arrangements, they give you small prizes. This can be a lot of fun with a group, which also gives you some extra hands to tend to they baby as it sleeps.

    Invite friends over for game nights. Go for some easy games that you can sit around and chat during to make it a fun event rather than fully competitive.

    Inline skating depends on how far along you are and your skills. Obviously you don't want to fall on your future child.

  • frigge
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    Order and pizza a hire a film, pass to a museum and lunch at the weekends, take you son to a kid's museum and feature lunch. I do not know in which you are living however those are well matters to do if you happen to are living in a enormous town. My husband and I have four kids beneath age 7 and we are living in an excessively small the city (populace 315 LOL) so it is extremely tough fur us to discover matters to do with children. We pass to a couple museum or historic website online no less than two times a month. I understand its no longer the ultimate position for adults however they've amusing too, take a look at Chucky Cheese !!! I would not have many grown up recommendations LOL however that is what we do. Also, if you recognize somewhere or any one, horse again driving is continuously amusing! I understand its getting cold out however simply package deal up and feature amusing!!

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    Order and pizza a rent a movie, go to a museum and lunch on the weekends, take you son to a children's museum and have lunch. I don't know where you live but these are good things to do if you live in a big city. My husband and I have 4 children under age 7 and we live in a very small town (population 315 LOL) so it is very hard fur us to find things to do with kids. We go to some museum or historical site at least twice a month. I know its not the perfect place for adults but they have fun too, try Chucky Cheese !!! I don't have many grown up ideas LOL but this is what we do.

    Also, if you know someplace or someone, horse back riding is always fun! I know its getting chilly out but just bundle up and have fun!!

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    You don't have to go OUT to spend time with your hubby. My husband and I enjoy doing things together in the evening after our kids are in bed. We only have date nights out a few times a year when we are visiting family who can watch the kids for us. We've never actually hired a babysitter, although we could if we wanted to. We just don't feel comfortable leaving our kids with anyone else, and since we would have a hard time relaxing and enjoying ourselves it's just not worth it.

    Make popcorn & watch a movie at home, play a board game, make a special dessert and eat it together with candlelight, play computer/Wii games together, etc. It's a lot easier to enjoy your time together when you know your child is safe, sound asleep in his bed, and you're available if he wakes up and needs you.

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    Go somewhere like chucky cheeses or a fun little resturant/playground for kids(including very little kids)

    By the way you should probobally go somewhere where the staff at the resturant will take and play with your child a little bit. Then there is your chance to spice it up! Have some fun!

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    if you feel up to it surprise hubby with a meal you have made, when your baby is in bed you can enjoy your meal with hubby and then snuggle up together and watch a movie. If you are not up to cooking then get take-out

  • KitKat
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    hire a sitter & discuss what to do with your spouse -pregnancy is NOT a disability, so roller skating is fine.

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