I will like to be a foreign exchange student?

I would like to be a foreign exchange student and i will like to study in London, England. Is there any good programs where I can go to and get a scholarship or even a full scholarship. I am also in high school as well.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Being a foreign exchange student is very expensive. The foreign exchange students at my school told me it cost them $12,000 for them to spend a year in the US. -- they also said they had to pay up front, meaning they had to pay all of it at once. There are no such thing as a "full scholarship", because in that case every student in the nation would be applying, there are very some very limited scholarships that may pay (at the most) $4,000 of this, however, you must have the $12,000 and pay it first before you get the scholarship--then they will give you the $4,000 back (a Norwegian's words, not mine lol).

    Also, they look at your grades very strictly. If you have less than a 4.0 GPA you will have a very, very, (I mean--very) slim chance of being accepted to be a FES. I know this because when I applied last year, they asked for my grades (I have a 4.3 GPA) they told me they very seldom accept students with a 4.0 or lower. I was accepted to go to an Irish high school last year, but I couldn't pay the $12,000, I got a scholarship for $4,000, but they didn't tell me I needed the $12,000 up front and by the time I got to it it was too late. =./

    Oh, and if you are American (I'm not sure if you are?) You will have to repeat that grade you left in to study abroad.

    Here is the F.E. program I was using...... it's rather a difficult process because you have to contact a lot of people. (Rotary club members, then you have to go to the closest Rotary Club near you, and apply to be liable to be a FES --- because you need the closest Rotary Club to sponsor you.)

    Anyways, Good luck!


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    10 years ago

    For as long as I have been at school in England I have never know us to do exchange student programs. You just move into the country and join the school. Simples!

    So really, the only way you can come and go to school in England is if you live here and that means your parents would have to move here and get jobs as well. Also, you should know housing in London is some of the most expensive in the world. You should go to a school in a county more northern than London where housing is cheaper. There would be no difference in the curriculum since all schools in England go by the same curriculum.

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