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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 1 decade ago

Alice in wonderland and Through the looking glass books?

Are the books better than the film adaptations? How so?

Also are there any other famous fairytale story books based on a real people?



-Old Lady- Alice was a real person, though she obviously didn't go to Worderland. The author knew her and used her as the main character for his book, you should watch Dreamchild.

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    I personally think books are always better than the films made of them, I also think the original Alice In Wonderland movies are much better than both the Disney and Tim Burton ones, based on the books. I'd say read them and choose for yourself.

    Also, I know most fairytales were based on the brothers Grimm stories. So not really real people, but they are much, much different than what they used to be. Check out the movie I included in the source.

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    First, a little about the author – Lewis Carroll. His real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, a mathematical lecturer at Oxford University with remarkably diverse talents. he was also logician, a pioneering photographer, and inventor of games and puzzles which are of great interest today. He spent his adult life in Oxford and died at Guildford in 1898. Besides the ‘Alice’ books, he wrote poems, pamphlets and articles.

    The most recent film is a brilliant assembly of modern technology, scriptwriting and directorship; but I believe that the books are best; a satirical reflection upon English society of the period. You have to read between the lines. It may be a fairytale for children, but for adults it is (or can be) something more.

    You may find this site useful, as it provides a comprehensive analysis of each chapter.


    Ref the second part of your question: Though not really based upon a person, Gulliver’s Travels is also a brilliant satire.

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    Any 'other' famous fairy tale story books based on a real people? Alice was not a real person. The stories were written FOR a little girl, but were not ABOUT her

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