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How can I continue to abuse alcohol without doing further damage to my liver?

So I was hospitalized last week with pancreatitis and diabetic ketoacidosis after collapsing at my sister's wedding reception. Anyway, the doctors ran some tests and it turns out that I have elevated liver enzymes and show signs of advanced liver disease.

The doctor advised that I quit drinking and even referred me to several addiction treatment facilities. The thing is, not drinking isn't an option. Drinking to excess is a very important part of my lifestyle and my professional image. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is there a safer way to drink? Are there any multivitamins or herbal supplements I can take to lessen the damaging effects of alcohol on my liver?

Drinking is very important to me and if it comes down to it I'll choose drinking over my own health and well-being. I just hope it doesn't have to come to that...

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    Ah, well, it has come to that. Or it will very soon. Your choice. You can choose lifestyle and professional image, or you can choose living longer.

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    Then I guess you'll die soon.

    NOTHING you can do EXCEPT not drinking will have any effect.

    Once you start the pancreatitis cycle, it becomes chronic, and ONLY not drinking will solve it.


    You want to keep drinking? Your business.

    Just be sure to remember, that the fact you are "noncompliant with treatment" by continuing to drink makes you NOT ELIGIBLE FOR A LIVER TRANSPLANT when your liver fails.

    The medical establishment is not about to waste a valuable organ on a drunk.

    And it's a VERY ugly death.

    Seen it many times in 14 years as an ER nurse.

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    You certainly seem immature and think its somewhat of a joke when it comes to having cirrhosis which is what you have if your doctor is correct. You don't take it seriously at all and actually have fun joking about alcoholism and liver damage. I promise you won't be laughing as your disease progresses and things get worse medically speaking. There are no magic pills or cures that can help you. If your damage is advanced, nothing will stop the disease from progressing to total failure including stop drinking alcohol. All it will do once the damage is severe is slow down the disease. Drinking alcohol on top of having cirrhosis is like pouring gas on a fire. It will make the disease progress to total failure much quicker.

    The only cure for cirrhosis is a transplant and you are not a candidate for that unless you completely stop drinking all alcohol. Transplant clinics require at least 6 months of proven sobriety before they will consider you to receive a transplant. After the 6 months are up, then you would have to pass an evaluation. Problem is that many alcoholics wait until it's too late and don't have all this time before they die. They can die in those 6 months or become so ill that they won't be accepted because they would die on the table. I have talked with many alcoholics trying to get transplants at my transplant clinic. It's very sad for them playing this time game when they finally realize they are going to die soon. But some do make it do get a successful transplant, but these people are usually pretty smart and take their condition seriously before they become too sick.

    You say you love booze more than anything, more than life itself. What is your professional image going to look like when everyone in the community knows you drank yourself to death. That doesn't look good on your "image" and a bit embarrassing to your family. Do you have any children? You certainly do not care about them very much since booze comes before everything. When someone asks them what happened to their father, they can say he was an alcoholic who drank himself to death. Not much pride in telling anyone that for them. Yes, there are a lot of things you are doing is wrong. If you don't or cannot understand that, there no one here is going to be able to help you. You know what your problem is and choose to ignore it. I promise you that this disease refuses to be ignored from personal experience. So sad, too bad for you and all you will miss later since you will not be here if you keep this same attitude. My cousin drank himself to death and died at 38. He has missed so much as his kids grew up and made their own life. He didn't get to enjoy any of it. They don't like to talk about him and why he died since they were young at the time. It's like he never existed to them. Hope your future doens't end up like he did.

    Source(s): I had cirrhosis (autoimmune disease) and a liver transplant.
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    I feel the same when I take one hit of pot and drink two beers as I do if I drink ten beers.At any rate if you want to live cut the booze down to two drinks a day.

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    Drink one 8 oz glass of water after every drink. You should also stick to beer instead of the harder stuff.

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    either give up alcohol, or get a liver transplant, and hope that you don't kill that one off too.

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