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could a new korean war induce a world war 3?

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    Technically, we don't have a new Korean War. The one that started back in the 50's never actually ended. There was only a cease-fire, so the hostilities stopped, but the war never ended. In fact, when a US soldier is deployed to South Korea it actually counts as the same thing as being deployed to a hot war zone like Iraq and Afghanistan.

    However, in light of the hostilities picking up again, I wouldn't doubt that a WWIII could be sparked as a result of this... if Israel/Iran don't do it first.

    Keep in mind, all of this is meant to distract us. It's not as if North Korea is actually this "Rouge Nation" that's bent on sending the world to hell. They are a puppet just like many other smaller nations are. Don't just read the headlines, find out what others are doing apart from those headlines. I think most of this stuff in the news is only there to keep us from thinking about the decline of the dollar.

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    No, if it comes to a war the Koreas will remain surrogates for a full blown world war.

    None of the larger countries will want to get their land involved ... Korea itself couldn't reach the US and everyone would carefully avoid the war spilling across the Chinese border.

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    Yes because the u.s. will side with South Korea and China will side with North Korea. If one country uses nuke so will the other. It's won't be a pretty picture for the rest of the world.

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    Yes, sort of...

    The US and China both have a deal whereby, if S.Korea is attacked, the US has to aid them and conversely, if N.Korea is attacked, China must aid them. Will it happen? Depends on how desperate Obama is on winning the election. If he is losing, he will incite a war, or another 'terrorist' attack.

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