How do you become a rally driver?

I'm 16 and I want to become a rally driver in the future. So what do you need to do ?

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  • Nous
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    9 years ago
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    Hi there,

    You will have to enter amateur rally competitions appropriate for your age and win, big name companies eg Toyota, Honda etc will then oversee your talent and sign you up. That is infact how most racing superstars of today started. All I can say is that it is going to be very difficult, but theres nothing better than trying. Go for it!

    Good Luck

  • Jay
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    9 years ago

    Find a rally to enter. Build or buy a car that meets the rules. Enter the race.

  • Miotch
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    9 years ago

    1. Read the rule book

    2. Buy a rally car and some gear.

    3. Go race.

    Source(s): ralliest.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Join your local racing club and network heaps - there are loads of good drivers who can't get jobs because of who they don't know

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  • klatt
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    3 years ago

    the 1st answer sounds like a wall of text cloth, yet he has a great form of stable factors. i in simple terms didnt examine all of it by way of fact I even have adhd. heres my version, i'm hoping its greater handy to verify. Step a million) keep your funds until you have upwards of 6000 funds to freely spend. then,attempt to discover any 4wd vehicle. a stable decision would be a Subaru Impreza, mitsubishi evo or Audi a4 quattro. do no longer sell your boneville, in spite of the undeniable fact that. step 2) attempt to get a 2nd interest, or a greater robust paying interest, as a fashion to have funds to alter your vehicle to rally specs, or upkeep if necessary. 3) attempt to become in touch in any interior sight rally community. you would be able to additionally be waiting to get a activity helping out yet another group. be optimistic to enable them to appreciate you have an interest in being a rally motive force someplace sooner or later besides. those human beings would have a wealth of advice to get you on your way 4) practice. Dont initiate out via employing down icy mountain roads. you ought to start sluggish, in simple terms like once you have been little and commenced strolling. in the past doing something, you will possibly choose to get greater effective tires besides as a greater robust suspension. initiate via employing in dusty flat land (possibly in the experience that your loved ones is going on holiday to arizona or some thing, you may take your vehicle alongside). as quickly as you think of you already know your vehicles limits, initiate doing greater tricky issues. there is interior sight airborne dirt and dirt tracks you will pay to have a while on (theres the place your larger paying interest is provided in) 5) be arranged. faster or later in time you will ruin your vehicle, whether its a flat tire or a tree in the front end. of each and every of the funds you're making, you will choose to earnings the thank you to administration it, and to be completely committed into this. it relatively is recommended to place 50% or greater of your paycheck into the financial employer a week. you would be residing on your mothers and fathers abode until you're 30, yet once you relatively love what you're doing that wont count. via time you get this a techniques, i think of issues will fall into place as they circulate. properly a minimum of i understand you wont be following the suggestion of somebody on yahoo solutions via step 5.

  • 9 years ago

    I would join a local club and participate.

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