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Badminton court VS Tennis Court?

Are their layout the same? I want to play badminton, but there is no Badminton courts around. There are only tennis courts nearby and I wonder if I can rent it to play badminton instead of tennis? Thanks.

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    Badminton courts have smaller dimensions and need to be indoors because of the wind.

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    5 years ago

    Well, i play badminton too, and im pretty good at badminton . Well i compete in a badminton tournament every year at my school and yes it does kind of screw the tennis up but your volleys improve a bit. The way how i get back to playing tennis from badminton is like i practice by movement, foot work and toss of the serve a few days before i get back on court to play tennis. It helps me a lot, i know it gets frustrating but you will get past it.

  • Ziel
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    10 years ago

    They are vastly different. If you want to play badminton, just get a backyard net and play in your yard.

    You're more likely to be able to play badminton on a volleyball court, because the net is more the right heigh. But the lines/court size is still not the same.

    Also, badminton courts are typically a smoother, softer floor type, similar to a wood basketball court or volleyball court, so you don't hurt yourself if you dive/slide across the floor. You don't want to dive on a hardcourt tennis court.

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    No, badminton courts are smaller and the badminton net is higher!

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  • I love to play tennis.Bedminton is quite boring.

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