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what is mozilla firefox ??????

what is mozilla firefox ?????????? and i am a mozilla firefox ?

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    YOU are not a mozilla firefox. Do you breathe fire? Mozilla firefox is one of a family of web browsers which got their start on UNIX and X-Windows with Mosaic, a college project co-created by Marc Andreessen. It was a graphics-based browser suite, which was experimental in those days. He managed to secure the rights and work it into a commercial product called netscape, which was immediately availble for UNIX and Linux -- because the latter ran X-Windows too. Six months later it got ported over to Windows, and inspired Internet Explorer. Now two things happened over the next few years: first was IE of course -- it came free with the OS. The second was more complex. Computers were evolving and in order to compete Netscape had to spend more on R&D than they were able to bring in. AOL bought them, but despite Open Sourcing this, as the Mozilla project, which brought in some Google funding, it proved one of the factors which brought them down too -- the R&D costs. By 1998 it appeared moribund. Early in this century, the New Netscape finally appeared, from the Mozilla Project, as Mozilla, then two weeks later they released a surprise -- the browser, not browser suite, called Mozilla Firefox. It turns out that what had held Mozilla up had been keeping it backward-compatible so what you had seen and done on the older netscapes would work properly on this one. One of the executives at Mozilla had given a sixteen-year-old intern the specs for just the browser component and told him to write a browser without worrying about backward compatibility. I don't know that it took two weeks but he did it really quickly and people were soon so won over by it that Mozilla was discontinued in favor of a new Browser Suite called Seamonkey, which incorporated Firefox code into the browser segment, and the teenager got high paying jobs elsewhere. I don't think he even has a formal degree but have no doubt he will get at least an honorary one.

    There is more to it than that but that is what Firefox is -- an OS-neutral web browser which was in essence born on UNIX which means it runs on Linux and is a repudiation of the idea that Linux has no software.

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    An Internet browser. Do you open up Mozilla Firefox to go on the internet? Maybe you use Internet Explorer.

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    Mozilla Firefox is a Web Browser like Internet Explorer, Opera, or Google Chrome. Its advantage is that is fast, faster than Internet Explorer, its security is very good, flagging lots of dangerous sites and blocking those sites from accessing your computer, the real good thing about it however, is that there are LOTS of add-ons for it, allowing you to completely customise Firefox, there are more add-ons for firefox than any other web browser, from ad-blockers to javascript-blockers, from toolbars to password rememberers, security add-ons, blogging add-ons, and much more! My favourite ones are No-Script, a way to stop javascript from operating, and therefore lots of viruses, ads and spyware on dangerous, or annoying sites, though you can allow the ones that are good such as videos and games, Ad-Blocker Plus, a less extreme way to block Ads from showing up, WOT (Web of Trust), a site rater, that rates a site according to how good it is, Sxipper, a more elegant way of remembering passwords and fill-out forms, Colorful Tabs, making your tabs different colours and more colorful, Fasterfox Lite, basically increasing the speed of Firefox overall, IE-Tab, for any sites that you need internet explorer to see, IE-Tab can change Firefox's rendering engine to IE's one, thereby allowing you to see those sites, DownloadHelper, something that helps you to download videos easily, such as Youtube videos, DownThemAll, a download-accelerator, Speed Dial, turning new blank tabs, into a useful page of your favourite sites. Overall, its a really good browser that is much superior to Internet Explorer

    The best Internet Browser in the world is what it is. It's got pretty much everything you need in an internet browser.

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    It's a web browser, like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. You can surf the Internet and download stuff with it.

    You're not a browser, why the **** do you think that? You're a human, like the rest of us.

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    why is firefox stoping yahoo messenger from being able to run

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    It is a browser, just like the one that you are currently using to access Yahoo! Answers....:)

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    It is a very slow internet browser in my computer :) lol :)

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    it is a web browser

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