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do you think its ironic/hypocritical the military/corporations use indian names?

when the us govt has pursued a policy of genocide and marginalization of indians and indian tribes. is this how we 'honor' their history and culture?

blackhawk helicopter - the blackhawk war

cherokee and seminoles - trail of tears killing thousands of indians and taking their lands and the seminole wars to take florida from them

isnt this what thanksgiving is all about

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    The US Army actually asked for permission to use the name "Lakota" for a new helicopter coming out.

    The tribe agreed with it.

    You see friend, we have ALOT of natives in the military. Per capita we've got more people in the military than any other ethnic group in the States. Its the same for Canada, so despite us being treated so badly we take up arms when needed without fretting about it.

    You see friend, Natives care more about what is happening to our people now. What happened 100 to 200 years ago doesn't matter to us anymore. The only people you see crying over old stuff are those hippies and La Raza types.

    They surely don't speak for us, on a whole American Indians love our country.

    Source(s): we'll never forget what happened to our ancestors, but we don't let it cloud our judgments
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    You do realize that the indians were doing a good job of killing each other before Europeans arrived, don't you? There is a reason that the military uses indian names, along with football, baseball, and hockey teams.

    And most native Americans are not offended at all by them.

    Source(s): Piper Cherokee pilot.
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    I think that Americans should file a class action suit against Indians because Indians introduced tobacco to the white man and thus caused millions of innocent people to die of lung cancer.

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    You forgot the Apache helicopter.

    War is domination, Indians lost.

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    Ha Ha! Funny! 10!

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    Go away. Your just looking for an argument.

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    No, it's perfectly appropriate that the millitary use their names, since they handily defeated them in battle.

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    i bet that question sounded good in your head....

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