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Is roblox the best game ever created?

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    I love Roblox, but it probably isn't the best game ever created. I've played many games, and I still can't decide which it the best. I guess it's just opinions. I don't play it that much though after 2 years of being on Roblox.

    If you haven't played Roblox before, you should, if you like building and creating things. Theres many different types of categories of games you can visit that players have created, such as war games, obbies, roleplaying.. etc.

    Theres seriously a lot of things you can do: (you might have to subscribe for Builder's Club)

    1. Create groups for people to join

    2. Create up to 10 places in your account for free

    3. Create Decals (pictures you can upload and put in your place by putting on bricks in building mode)

    4. Create virtual t-shirts, shirts, pants to wear and sell to players

    5. Create models of things you built on Roblox

    6. Browse the Catalog and buy things for your character such as Hats, faces, gear, bodies, other creations made by players

    7. Roblox Forum

    I became successful in Roblox by making many shirts and pants for a cheap price for other players to buy. Acc: Tophthetomboy

    Though, the community has gone downhill over the years, but Roblox is still a very enjoyable game and has been going through many exciting updates constantly.

    Source(s): 2 years of being on Roblox
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    Roblox is the best best game in the world!!

    Things roblox have:

    Role-playing games


    Romance(i guess)



    it has all kinds!!So play roblox now. friend me. my name is valerio47 btw.if u want to ask questions.go on roblox and message me. XD. dont forget to not be a noob lolz.and chirstopher,try play it ur self.lolz.

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    No. it has its upsides and its downsides.


    Fun and easy to use

    Easy chat features

    Easy to build your own game

    Most people are friendly

    Hard to get hacked

    No viruses

    User-friendly interface


    Lots of spam in comments

    Memberships are way overpriced

    Online dating

    Lag on mobile devices

    Extreme lack of customization options without Robux

    No more Tix

    A lot of trolls and mean 8 year olds

    A lot of games don't load properly


    Roblox Studio often crashes

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    Like A Boss.

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    Yes, but everyone has different opinions on different games, and although roblox is getting more popular, it gets updated a lot now, and they've changed the logos too. But they haven't worked on reducing spam or stopping OD'ers. And they should make it so all players have a chance at making badges along with their game.

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    In my opinion, yes. You can make the game, script, build, play other games, be part of wars, and much more.

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    6 years ago

    I enjoy roblox A LOT!!! I play roblox practically everyday lolz.

    I use a roblox generator to generate unlimited roblox robux & tix

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    It's soooooo fun I think everyone should play it

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    it is because the computer or the phone or the ipod.

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