Question for someone who knows about computer and internet -history tab?

My husband recently wiped his computer and got rid of internet explorer. He has a different web browser, not sure what it's called. I looked at his history and I saw porn websites from today and yesterday. The rest of his history was deleted. I asked him about it and he said that he looked a pron a long time ago before we were together. I know that if you have looked at porn in the past, pop ups can happen, but will that necessarily happen if he wiped his computer and got a new web browser?? I wouldn't mind that he was looking at porn, but our sex life is almost non existant. We are LUCKY to have sex once a week.....if that. That's only if he gets "horny." It's never if he just wants to be with me. I know he isn't attracted to me like he used to be, and I'm pretty sure he is lying.

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  • 9 years ago
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    If by "wiped" the computer you mean he reformatted the disk drive, deleted all files, and re-installed Windows (or whatever the operating system), then eveything will be gone, it's 100% like getting a new computer and there is no "memory" of any web browsing history. So no way, not possible.

    If he just stopped using Internet Explorer and switched to something else, then any viruses will still be present. I wouldn't have thought they would appear in the history of the new browser, though I could be wrong.

    If all history before yesterday is deleted, then that is suspicious. I'm sorry to say, he almost certainly is visiting visited porn again, and told the best lie he could think of to cover it up.

  • C Hris
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    9 years ago

    if you want to know wether what was open was an advert or a site

    the difference is adverts/pop ups will have pointless url code like \\\ad///po~ ETC but a site will be like or

    also if he has a pop up blocker they wont be pop ups because they would be blocked

    or if u want the history back install a security software and it will tell you what sites you have recently been on to avoid and to be fair most porn sites a virus filled to catch those who are "horny" out.

    hop this helped ;)

  • 3 years ago

    Ya you will desire to circulate to kit menu decision in the internet Explorer Menu Bar. pick internet ideas in the backside. There you hit upon sparkling background if u r employing IE 6 or decrease version. There you have a button to delete the background of the internet handle entered or browsed by potential of you. If u have IE 7 then in the internet ideas, there will be a factor talked approximately as surfing background, there u can pick delete all which will delete all of the internet surfing background, the cookies and non everlasting internet information additionally.

  • 9 years ago

    before we get to computers,let me tell you something,for us men,looking at porn means has nothing to do with you or your sex life,its just something guys do,just because he looks at porn doesnt mean that hes not attracted to you,i know this because im a guy.

    and good thing he got rid of internet explorer,because its such a shitty web browser.pop ups are caused by cookies,if he cleared his cookies then they wont appear,but if he visits those sites again,they will,even if he cleared cookies prior to that.each time you visit certain websites they leave cookies on ur computer,thats why

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    he IS looking at porn...

    the history dosent erase its self.

    obviously covering sumthing up and didnt hide it all.. u busted him now make him have sex with you hahahaha

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