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Is tyler rex tyler black from ROH?? WWE?

the new guy on smackdown, i herd tyler black had left roh and went to WWE

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    No Tyler Reks is a guy from FCW.. He debuted with a surfer gimmick in ECW last year, then went back to FCW made a new character and come up with this badass sorta character.

    Tyler Black wrestles as Seth Rollins in FCW

  • powel
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    i choose Davey Richards to be the subsequent ROH international Champion.. Tis guy completely deserved it... He has plenty interest and intensity in the hoop.. BQ: Matt Sydal Bryan Danielson previous due Chris Benoit Bam Bam Kevin Nash MCMG side BQ2: WWE WWE the two WWE RoH TNA PWG DGUSA PWG WWE TNA RoH RoH TNA TNA

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    No Tyler Black is different.

    tyler rex was in ECW a couple years ago as a face with a more surfer gimmick. now he is a hobo on Smackdown

  • Tyler black is in FCW as seth rollins

    reks is different

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  • Nah, Black is training in FCW. He debuted against McGillicutty in September I think.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Going wwe - that's a class idea

  • 9 years ago

    no, they are 2 different ppl

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