Fort Mercer on Red Dead Redemption?

I beat it as John Marston but then I did a mission and John died. I became Jack and then I went by Fort Mercer and it made me do the same mission again, so I did it and it said Fort Mercer complete but then later I came back again and it made me do it again! It's the exact same each time. Please help?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That's because once you finish Fort Mercer as a "mission" the one where you get in the mini gun etc, after that Fort Mercer becomes a hideout which you can clear (kill everyone inside) for some money and an achievement/ trophy.

    Also if there was a guy out side asking for your help that means it has become a hideout.

    Once you clear a hideout i think you need to wait a week maybe before you can clear it again

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