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is it illegal to fire a gun in rocky mountain national park?

not hunting, just if i want to shoot some cans or something.

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    Well, NO. Federal law states that if you are traveling through any state park with firearms, the firearms must be broken down completely. If you want to do some target shooting in northern Colorado, go to a national forest, or the Pawnee National Grassland. I live in Fort Collins, and I own property east of Greeley. If I don't want to do an hour to go shoot, I'll head out to the grasslands and send some lead downrange.


    If you go to the grasslands, there are a few designated areas that people shoot. If you take highway 14 east, take CR 57 about two miles north. Then turn east onto CR 96. Around a mile after turning, you will stumble upon a few roads leading to the south. Follow them, or the sound of gun fire. That is the longest-range spot that I have seen people shooting in. Remember, when you go into places like this, always leave with more trash than which you came. If we leave our trash on the ground, the government will take these places away from us. I usually bring a five-gallon bucket with me to clean up after the negligent shooters out there.

    Target Shooting Regulations:

    Hunters must have the appropriate license issued by the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

    The Code of Federal Regulations (title 36) states that discharging a firearm or any other implement capable of taking human life, causing injury or damaging property is prohibited:

    In or within 150 yards of a residence, building, campsite, developed recreation site or occupied area; or

    Across or on a Forest Development Road or adjacent body of water; or

    In any manner or place where any person or property is exposed to injury or damage as a result of such discharge.

    In other words, shooters must be at least 150 yards away from campgrounds, trailheads or any area already being used by other recreationists. This gives shooters a safety margin and prevents conflicts with other forest users. Do not damage property, including trees, telephone poles or signs. Any violations will result in a fine and/or court appearance.


    If you live here in Colorado, which I assume you do, talk to some local gun shops, or your local NRA members. Hope I helped. :)

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    I would have to say no. On rare occasions they will open up a National Park and allow limited hunting to thin out animal populations---BUT hunting with special permission in a National Park as opposed to being able to walk into a National Forest and shoot at designated ranges or hunt during normal seasons without having to have something more than a hunting license and/or a deer tag are two different stories.

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    i think of Rocky Mountain national Park is extra valuable and by using how, they do no longer close in October. they're open year-around. previous Fall River street and path Ridge street do get closed for the wintry climate through fact of snow however the park itself,(and different roads), stay open. i be attentive to through fact i've got been there for the period of each and every season which includes wintry climate. regardless of you come to a determination, have relaxing :-).

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    National Parks or Monuments do not permit shooting or hunting. National Forests do.

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    Estes Park Gun Club

  • why would you care and no i think because it's a national park own by the government

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    Try it and find out.

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    make us all look good, and pick up the cans.

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