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How to make a girl jealous?

just a girl that i had problems with but i fixed them and i invited her to go places but she keeps denying me everytime so its like only im trying to make this friendship strong once again and i wana know how to make her jealous so that she gets interest in me again

any ideas are great thanks :)

for any lovers out there heres a lil somethin (RIP MD)

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    well, coming from a girl,, i get superr jealous when a guy flirts with me, then flirts with another girl in front of me. &&I'm not even the jealous type at all! It just drives me crazy when a guy does that to me. When a guy does that to me I usually get sorta protective mode and are all up on that one guy. I feel like I need to prove how good I can be so he doesn't have to feel the need to flirt with anyone else! trust me. it'll work.

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    Completely ignore her. Girls can't stand being ignored for too long. Just hold your head high. Get a haircut. Act confident and pretend like you are better off without her. Pretend she doesn't exist. You'll have her back in no time.

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    dont make her jealous

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