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kristin asked in TravelAir Travel · 10 years ago

where can i get the cheapest plane tickets from douglas, AZ. to Eagle pass, TX.?

my boyfriend and i are long distance and i want to fly and see him this christmas but im kinda tight on money. any suggestions??

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  • 10 years ago
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    Douglas only has an airport for small planes...there are no commercial flights from Douglas. The nearest airport with commercial flights is Tuscon. There are no commercial airports in Eagle Pass either.. The closest airport with commercial flights is San Antonio. You would need to look for flights from Tucson to San Antoinio...and I can tell you now, you have waited too late. Most likely all flights are full. for sure the prices are at their very highest for all year. The time from Thanksgiving through New Years is the most expensive time to bargains. You can look on some of the Many tickets sites like Expedia or Cheap or Hotwire. com...but you will have a very tough time.

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  • kapn
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    One site may be slightly lower than another but the supply and demand economic rule applies to all financial transactions…..make your purchase on reliability and common sense……what will work for you…….and……..your travel requirements…..always use trusted and ethical travel sites…….yahoo travel…….orbitz……travelocity……expidea or club type membership….AAA or AARP. Take a moment to make sure a cheap ticket is worthwhile and reliable……..I can’t recommend any one site…….its up to you to search and decide what is right for you. If you see what appears to be a good deal … grab it…don’t worry if the price goes up our down a little bit next week……

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